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Remittances to the Philippines

Whatever your cash needs are, maybe you are planning a vacation getaway on that fantastic tropical country and need to arrange your spending money before you go. For any reason that involves transfer of funds from the U.S to the Philippines on a hassle-free, safe and reliable way, every day at any t

Plan a Vacation in Ellijay

If you are tired of the mundane living and are planning to escape to some quiet place then you are welcome to Ellijay. It is also a great destination if you are planning a family vacation or honeymoon. This scenic city is also known as the apple capital of Georgia. Tourists can easily get by road fr

What to See on Your Holidays to Guinea

Call it the French Guinea, or Guinea, it still remains one of the most beautiful countries in Western Africa. The part of Africa that is jutting into the Atlantic Ocean, it is surrounded by water on most of the sides with a long beautiful coastline running along side the ocean.

Top Five Beaches of the World

Beaches are the most lovable and excellent place to visit by all the ages of people. There is no condition for visiting the beaches it is one of the beautiful creation of the God.

A Dining Tour is a Gateway to Heaven

You have landed in Bangkok and plan to relax and entertain yourself. You could possibly go for a Thai massage a must for many or view a traditional dance. On the other hand you have to eat, that is one activity you are surely not going to miss out on. So you can plan to eat out at various restaurant

What Is the Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous historical and architectural landmarks in the world. No other structure rivals the Great Wall of China in historical significance, size or grandeur. It dates back to the fifth century B.C., is more than 4,100 miles long and is China's most popular to

Puerto Naos on the Canary Island of La Palma

Puerto Naos is located on La Palma's sunny west coast. Once a landing place for banana boats, this traditional fishing village is one of two holiday resorts on the islands west coast. Sitting under volcanic cliffs, the resort is a relaxing place with good accommodation, restaurants, bars and sh

The ice hotel in Swedish Lapland

The Ice hotel Jukkasjarvi in Swedish Lapland normally opens at the beginning of December but has actually opened earlier this year due to forward planning construction and architects hard work.