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A Gift Denied

What is love? One thing is for certain, it has nothing to do with anyone or anything and is often misinterpreted. What does one do with this gift of a lifetime?

Prepare Your Fields For Rain

In order to manifest your hearts desires you must expect them to come to you. You must believe you are worthy and have full faith that it is already yours. You must think about them and feel the feelings of already having it. You must become emotionally involved with everything you want. You must pr

Cause and Effect - Three-Fold Law-Law of Return

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galations. 6:7. "What goes around, comes around." "Whatever you send out returns three times," -Three-Fold Law/Law of Return. These statements express the Universal Law of cause and effect,

Practicing Trust!

Trust; such an apparently simple word, it is all based on experience, on the deep knowledge of the object of trust, on understanding the intricacies, the controversies, the deep secrets, the minute detail of what to expect of that object; then there can be trust. How can I know that my brother can o

What is a Christian? Part 2 - Follow Me

In part one of this series, we learned that the first words Jesus spoke in the gospel of Matthew were, "Repent", which means to feel such sorrow for sin as to be disposed to change one's life for the better. In part 2, we will consider His next words, "Follow me."

Happiness And Gratefulness

It is not totally strange? We've all experienced gratefulness. We know how incredibly nice it feels. Surely it should be a simpler method to delight than running around seeking to make the outer world fit a checklist?

I Just Neglect That Everything Is Possible

  There is certainly not any purpose and also not necessary to have a purpose, if you really want to have a purpose. Fighting, everything is possible! Now I just neglect it. I cannot modify them, why should not I modify myself?

Un-blocking the Flow of Creativity by Choosing Friends Wisely

Whether reading the book The Artist's Way with a group or solo, you can choose to un-block creativity by being open to trying new things, and becoming a better observer of what you are choosing. Create blocked, stuck or in the flow supporting your creative process by the friends you hang with w

Why You Need a Capture System

Having a "capture system" to help organize your day is essential, because it helps you get things done, keeps track of your important events, and helps take the overload off your brain (because your brain is not trying to remember everything at once). You will find that once you get everyt

Thinking Positive Thoughts

When it comes to mindsets or ways of thinking we usually have a good grasp of what pessimism is but still get confused with optimism. We are well aware that pessimism is being negative no matter what. We know that it's rejecting the positive side of all things. However, it doesn't converse