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How to Write a Theological Position Paper

The goal of a position paper is to describe your stance on an issue and the rationale that has led you to such a conclusion. For theological papers, position papers are an ideal way to encourage someone's belief in an issue of faith or to challenge previously help assumptions. In composing a theolog

How to Compare Linear & Nonlinear Equations

When you see an equation in math class -- y = 3x + 5, for example -- you might initially only think of its numerical properties, such as for which values of "x" "y" is positive. Another important aspect of equations, however, is the physical form they take when you graph them on a coordination plane

Why Mothers Are Nature's Best Insurance for Humankind

Bring a world of happiness to your doting mother. On Mother's Day, shower your mother with gifts, flowers, and words of appreciation. If words fail you, use Mother's Day quotes to express your feelings beautifully. This is an article on Mother's Day, and why mothers are the special an

IIT JEE Second Shot - What Should Be Your Strategy for Preparation

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a dream for many students. In the past, many aspirants waited 4-5 years to crack IIT JEE. Some even spent few years in some other college, and then came to IIT without any tension about year loss. But, since 2006, IIT JEE has taken few steps to filter genuine

What's Your Classroom Management Plan?

Every teacher has their own classroom management plan, from bribery to "no smiling until Christmas". It took me my full first year of teaching to build and feel secure within my own plan, this is mainly because there is no "One size fits all!", but I am sharing mine as hopefully

Improve your Memory to Improve Your Grades

Having good grades is the main goal in being a student and getting good grades rely on how improved your memory is. Memorizing a lot of terms and definitions as well as theories and remembering ...

Forensic Anthropology Colleges in Washington, D.C.

Forensic anthropology involves studying human remains in a legal context.skull image by vb_photo from Fotolia.comForensic anthropology applies a legal focus to the study of human remains. Typically, this involves a detailed knowledge of skeletal structure and human biology, with an...


To shed hair, feathers, shell, or skin such that it can then be renewed and replaced with a new coat, plumage, shell, or skin.

How to Calculate the Percentage of Ionization Given the pH

The difference between a strong acid and a weak acid is that a strong acid completely ionizes in solution while a weak acid only does so partially. The pH scale directly corresponds to the amount of ionized hydrogen in a solution. For weak acids, the pH depends on the concentration of the solution.

How to Identify Linear & Nonlinear Equations

Equations are mathematical statements, often using variables, that express the equality of two algebraic expressions. Linear statements look like lines when they are graphed and have a constant slope. Nonlinear equations appear curved when graphed and do not have a constant slope. Several methods ex

Find Free Scholarships For School Up to $10,000

With the mad rush starting for upcoming graduating high school students to prepare for their entrance into college, the one thing that may be taking most of their time is the hunt for scholarships. In today's economy financial aid provided by the government pays only partial of what the fees fo

Sandgrouse: Fact Sheet

Sandgrouse are a group of medium-sized terrestrial birds that inhabit Africa, Madagascar, the Middle East, central Asia, India, and Iberian Peninsula.

Family Portrait, ca. 1619

Anthony van Dyck (Flemish, 1599-1641). Family Portrait, ca. 1619. Oil on canvas. 113.5 x 93.5 cm. © State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg.

How Dangerous Is A Mosquito Bite?

How dangerous can an encounter with a tiny mosquito actually be? There are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world today. All of them vary in size, appearance, and location throughout the world, but even with the large variety of mosquitoes in existence, they do share some similar characterist

Fashion Designing Colleges In Delhi And Mumbai

The tradition of a society and the country is mainly reflected by the dressing sense of its citizens. Each country has different attire that its people carry. Clothes define the overall personality of the person, his thinking and his behavior. In fact each variety of clothe is an expression used for