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How to Lock a Gas Tank Cap

When gas prices rise, so does the theft of gas. One way that thieves steal gas from your gas tank is by siphoning--using a tube to suck gas from your vehicle. You park your car and go to work, you come out eight hours later and find that your car won't start because you have no gas. You can protect

How to Change a Fuel Filter for a KIA Sedona

The KIA Sedona model vehicles have a canister-type fuel filter that is designed to keep any debris or small particles from getting into the fuel injectors and stopping them up. The gas that goes into the gas tank can have small particles or other debris inside of it. The fuel filter will trap and ho

How to Repair a Dented Bumper

A bumper is designed to protect the frame and workings of a vehicle in the event of a collision with another object. You can sustain dents in your bumper from shopping carts to another car, obviously with varying degrees of damage. Many people will try to bang out these dents, with unsatisfactory re

How to Replace the Fan in a Plymouth Neon

Your Plymouth Neon has an electrically operated engine cooling fan. Replacing the engine fan on a Plymouth Neon is rather easy, compared to conducting the same procedure on other vehicles. With nothing more than a wrench, a novice can accomplish these steps comfortably in about 30 minutes.

How to Change the Oil on a 1991 Buick Regal

Performing an oil change on a 1991 Buick Regal is not that different from changing the oil on any other car. Doing it yourself can save time and money. Oil lubricates the internal parts on the engine. When the oil starts to break down, it is not as efficient at lubricating, and as a result, engine w

How to Replace Versa Engine Coolant

Nissan recommends that you change the engine coolant in your Versa's radiator once every three years. Check the coolant frequently for any debris, contaminants or variations in color. Drain and replace the coolant at the first sign of any contamination. Most auto parts stores will accept the used co

Windshield Removal Tips

Follow some simple tips to remove your windshield successfullyJupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty ImagesCracks or leaks might appear in your windshield which means it might need some attention but removing the windshield of a car is tricky business. It requires two pairs of hands and some...

Auto Tune-Up Checklist

Maintaining your vehicle ensures that it will last longer, whether you purchased it new or used. Complete a basic tune-up on your vehicle every 30,000 miles. The focus of a tune-up is to keep your engine in good condition and running smoothly. Replacing basic parts saves you money over time, since y

Troubleshooting a Mercedes 190 Blower

IntroductionCheck the fuses for the blower motor and the relay. Make sure that the fuses are not blown. Check the blower motor and the relay to be sure they have power. Start the car and with the circuit tester check across the fuse for power. Now remove the relay and make sure that...