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How to Put Fishing Hook in Tubes

A tubebait is basically a soft plastic tube with a number of plastic "tentacles" that wriggle and quiver when an angler imparts action to the tubebait. Such lures can be used as a dressing for a jig or can be fished on their own like one would fish a plastic worm. A tubebait can also be rigged in

How to Tie a Sheep Minnow

The sheep minnow fly is a solid option for trout, steelhead and salmon. Originally made by Dave Whitlock, the fly is now patterned after the original. This fly is very customizable via hook size, eyes and rattle. Make choices for each based on your river, nymph hatch and time of year. Follow the bas

How to Rig Smelt for Pike

Anglers use a variety of baits and lures to catch northern pike. One of the best is a dead smelt, which is a small fish that pike feed on. Although fishermen sometimes choose to use dead baits because they do not require the same care live baits do, some places -- Canada, for example -- require that

What Is the Relationship Between Pilot Fish & Shark?

The relationship between a shark and a pilot fish is something that has been debated for many years. The benefits for the pilot fish are rather clear, but the advantages for the shark are not universally agreed upon by all experts. Because of the close relationship between these two unlikely friends

Essential Fishing Secrets for the Zambezi River

Fishing on the Zambezi River to the novice or experienced angler is possibly as close as one can get to absolute perfection. But what can one expect to catch and how? What are the best ...

How to Ice Fish for Bass in Connecticut

Bass is one of the most sought after species of fish by ice fishermen in Connecticut. The thought of a largemouth bass coming through a hole in the ice after putting up a spirited fight, its mouth wide open, keeps the avid angler heading out onto the lakes and ponds of the state every year. Bass are

Homemade Ice Fishing Jigs

Thousands of people ice fish every year. Some go for the excitement of catching large fish through the ice. Others like to be outdoors no matter what the season. No matter why people go ice fishing, however, they need lures to catch the fish. Many ice fishermen use jigs for lures. They use melted le

How to Rig Fish With a Rod

Fish is used by many anglers to attract and catch a variety of fresh and saltwater game fish. Live bait in the form of minnows is a particularly effective for catching many species of fish when properly rigged. Rigging involves the placement of the minnow on a hook and is done based on how the bait

How to Rig a Yum BuzzFrog

Frogs may not make up a huge part of the diet of bass, but the fish are opportunistic feeders and will not pass up an easy meal. The Yum BuzzFrog lure is designed to imitate a frog swimming overhead. When anglers retrieve it over lily pads and other shallow cover, the frog's legs kick and gurgle, w

Carp Fishing in Ohio

Common carp have long been celebrated for their qualities as sportfish in Europe, but they have received a far colder reception in North America, where they are regarded more as a nuisance than something to catch. Still, carp tournaments are becoming more common in the United States, and the fishing

How to Build a Fiberglass Fly Rod

Building your own fly rod saves you money compared with buying a factory-built model. There are two ways to go: Purchase a complete kit or purchase all the materials individually. A kit is the best way to get started because you'll have every component as well as the correct sizes of each. Some manu

Matarelli Fly Tying Tools

Tying a fly.fly tying image by sasha from Fotolia.comMatarelli is a privately owned company located in San Francisco, California. The company makes fly tying tools that are well known for their quality and precision. Whether one is a beginner or an expert fly tyer, three Matarelli fly...

How to Hook Fake Fishing Bait

Anglers use fake fishing bait when they target a variety of species. Bass anglers, for example, make heavy use of plastic worms. Crappie and sunfish anglers often use grubs and other small plastics. While many artificial lures come pre-rigged with hooks, most soft plastic baits do not. When they are

What Is the Difference Between True Gills & False Gills on a Mushroom?

When mushroom hunting it's crucial to understand the difference between true and false gills. Having this knowledge is the difference between picking wild mushrooms safely and picking wild mushrooms carelessly, increasing the risk of poisoning. Once you know what to look for when identifying false o

Projects on Shotgun Shell Splatter

Shotguns are long guns used by the military, civilian police and hunters. Shotguns are versatile weapons that can fire many different types of ammunition. With the exception of less lethal ammunition such as bean bag rounds and rubber pellets, shotguns fire two types of round: slugs and shot. "Sh

Fishing in Southern Canada in Late Summer

Southern Canada boasts some of the world's most productive and thriving natural fisheries. Late summer is an excellent time for fishing because the warm water temperatures increase the metabolism and appetite of fish.

Enjoying the Streams and Rivers of Breckenridge

Majestic mountains covered with aspen trees, wildflowers or snow, whichever season, Breckenridge, Colorado is the perfect destination for any outdoor enthusiasts. Hikers, bikers, skiers and snowboarders make Breckenridge [http://www.officialbreckenridgelodging.com/] their favorite destination as far

Steelhead Fishing With a Bobber & Jig

Fishing for steelhead with a bobber and jig in a lake setting has been used by many anglers with great success through the years. Jigs have also been used with success on shallow to deep rivers, however, the addition of a bobber to the jigging rig has proved to be successful on many rivers with stee

Species of Killer Whales

Killer whales, otherwise known as Orca whales or black fish, are the largest members of the dolphin family. They belong to the class mammalian and their genus species is Orcinus Orca. Based on different characteristics like appearance, social behaviour and food habits, there are three different spec