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Troubled Times - Chew Your Way Through Pt Nano - Platinum Life Awaits You

Research studies carried out in countries all around the world by WHO in the wake of worldwide economic crisis has shown that Stress and loss of alertness & aptitude for life among the population is at its peak.With numerous companies showing the doors to its employees, cutback in costs and manpower

An Analysis of The Hills Like White Elephants

Primarily from the dialogue between the American and Jig, it seems that the two are an unmarried couple.Their discussion suggests that they are confronted with some kind of problem. With further analysis, one can begin to discern that the couple was in fact talking about having an abortion.

Waiting for Autumn (A Poem on Minnesota)

Dennis was born in Minnesota, and lives both in Minnesota, and Peru, but the best part of the year, and the best season in Minnesota, is Autumn for Dennis, always has been, was born in Autumn, and he loves the season, as you will see when you read this remarkable poem.Rosa

Pee Wee's Great Adventure - Book Review

International Compost Awareness Week (early May) is a perfect time to read Pee Wee's Great Adventure (ISBN# 0969788339) to groups of children during the various events celebrating the week. This book is the second installment in the series of three children's books based on the character P

Waiting - The Wind of Change

What supports us while we wait and go through changes? What is the nature of memory and reality? How does spirit work in our lives?

"Girl" Entrepreneur Reveals Her Fabulous Secrets

Linda Pond, female entrepreneur, and inventor of the FAB light, offers her secrets to success in the business world in this autobiographical business book. As a woman, Pond has learned what it's like in an all-male world and seen the business world change in the 21st century. Now she shares her

Book Review - Advice From The Blender

In her new book "Advice from the Blender" Susan J. Hetrick proffers practical advice, hope, and a renewed sense of purpose for blended families. This is a book for and about stepfamilies or blended families. Susan and her new husband David began their marriage with two ready made families.

Buy and Sell Text Books

Text books are produced according to the demands of educational institutions. Information about different textbooks, choice of authors, subjects, condition of the textbook, and its availability can be taken from a few websites.

Drum Circle - A Guide to World Percussion - Book Review

Drum Circle - A Guide To World Percussion appears to be written for music and social studies teachers and drum enthusiasts looking to bring new ideas into their playing. The authors cover 28 different instruments, grouping similar instruments together in single chapters. The format for each chapter

Irene Nemirovsky - The Dogs and the Wolves

Irene Nemirovsky, the daughter of a Jewish banker, was born in Kiev in 1903. Her family fled the Russian Empire following the start of the Russian Revolution in 1917 and eventually they settled in Paris where her father rebuilt his fortune. Nemirovsky became a successful author during the Vichy regi

Life in the UK - A Journey to Citizenship 2007 - A Book Review

Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship (2007) was made specifically for those who are taking or would be taking the Citizenship test in the UK.Those applying for British citizenship would also find this book review extremely helpful.

Book Review - The Millionaire Mind by Thomas Stanley

After co-writing the classic book,"The Millionaire Next Door", Thomas Stanley wrote this book,"The Millionaire Mind", which is an entertaining and updated version of his previous book. Here are some thoughts about "The Millionaire Mind".

It is Time to Cease the Argument Regarding Socialism Versus Capitalism

It is time to cease the argument regarding Socialism versus Capitalism and begin the movement towards Peace and Prosperity10 years ago, we were succeeding in the fight against the Asian financial crisis, faced strong objections from the USA, and were criticized as having departed from the capitalist

Reckless Killings

When will terrorists stop gunning people? When will they roam freely and been able? To resume day to day work with peace.

Business Book Review - The WOW Factor

Develop ideas and skills that produce a wow atmosphere around your personal brand. Take on successful tips to generate an edge over the crowd. Become an executive, graduate, entrepreneur, employee, etc. that is known for qualifying for the top of the pile. Sharpen your life to amplify your appeal!

Have You Ever Listened To An Audio Book and Found It Terrible?

Many audio books are very boring to listen to. The audio book companies that provide many of these books find it is very expensive to contract professional readers as they will drive up the cost of providing inexpensive books to their customers. How many of you have fallen asleep at a very inappropr

Forced Out - Written by Stephen Frey

Old baseball scouts, like old baseball players, never fade away. In their minds, they are still in the middle of the action whether playing, coaching, or scouting. Jack Barrett is not any different.