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How to Mix Aquarium Ocean Salt

One of the most obvious differences between a freshwater aquarium and a saltwater aquarium is that the salinity levels in saltwater aquariums need to be enough to match oceanic environments. Many companies sell ocean salt that you can mix to create for a saltwater aquarium. Mixing saltwater is not a

How to Mix Clownfish

The Ocellaris clownfish, with its bright orange, black-and-white coloring, is widely loved thanks to the hit 2003 movie "Finding Nemo." Buying tank-raised clownfish helps protect reefs, and the species is also hardier than many others, making it a good choice for a saltwater aquarium novice. Even if

How to Breed Siamese

Siamese fighting fish, which are commonly known as Betta fish, are usually housed separately in small aquariums. The colorful and flowing finned breed is originally from southeast Asia, according to the Betta Fish Center. The fish were found in rice fields and freshwater streams and were actually us

Introduction to the Firemouth

The Firemouth is a unique fish that is sought after for brightening up the aquarium. The unique color as well as the easy care makes this fish a great one for any tank.