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Are You Making This Mistake Training Your Dog?

Training your dog should be fun and exciting. Sadly most people find it frustrating and often give up. After reading this article you will learn how to avoid one of the most common mistakes that dog owners face while training their dogs.

Potty Train Dog

You have a new puppy - wow - serious excitement - but then the peeing starts and the crapping. What a downer!! Nearly time to send for Supernanny.

Remedies for Dog Ear Mites

Ear mites are microscopic insects that infest a dog's ear canals They survive on ear wax and skin oils, irritating the ear canal lining until it discharges blood serum. The serum mixes with ear wax and dead mites, forming a black crusty substance, the classic symptom of ear mite infestation. The dis

Keep Your Dog Off Your Furniture

Jumping up on people and their stuff is normal dog behavior. It is part of their ingrained desire to be close to their human pack-mates. But you don't have to allow this behavior to ruin your furniture or to get out of control.

Natural Senior Dog Food

Natural dog food is great for the health of the dog. This is because it contains all the essential nutrients that are needed for the dog. Such food keeps the dog in good shape and condition. All kinds of diseases would be kept far away with the use of natural dog food. There is even a special food t

Using a Remote Dog Training Collar

Remote dog training collars are easy than ever to use, and they are much more durable and safer than they were in years past.You can rest easy, knowing that your dog will not be hurt, and that the results will be the most well behaved dog on the block.You can teach an old dog new tricks with a remot

Learn How To Stop a Dog From Barking

There are things that are not supposed to be done if one wishes to stop a dog that keeps on barking. Doing so may only encourage him to bark all the more and aggravate the situation. Knowing therefore what not to do to stop dog from barking may even be a better idea than knowing what to do with it.

English Bulldog Information

A member of the non-sporting group of the American Kennel Club (AKC), English bulldogs were originally bred for bull baiting. That ferocious temperament has been nearly bred out, and the English bulldog is one of the most popular breeds. The main breed club in the United States is the Bulldog Club o

Keep Your Dog Safe With a Pet ID Tag

A pet, whether it be a cat, dog, or other animal, is a lovable and important part of a family's life. In the case that a pet should get loose or go otherwise go missing; a family may be very upset and unsure of what to do.

How to Take Care of a Mini Australian Puppy

Miniature Australian shepherd puppies require your time, love, and patience. An energetic, athletic breed, the Australian shepherd was originally bred to work on farms with small livestock such as chickens and pigs. In 1968, the mini-Australian shepherd was created by mating smaller Australian sheph

Various Dog Treats

Can you think of any dog that does not like to get treats? Most love them, and will go crazy with excitement when you give them to your dog. When you are in the store looking for a package of treats for your dog, keep in mind that not all of them are healthy or beneficial for your dog to eat.

How to Build a Plastic Flap for a Doghouse Door

A dog house gives your dog a place to take shelter when it is not in your home, protecting the dog from the elements when it rains or snows. To ensure that the dog house gives your pet the protection it needs, install a plastic flap over the door to keep it warm. A heavy plastic flap keeps out the r

Can Your Dog's Life Be a Lot Better Using Natural Dog Food Recipes

It would be easy to say anyone who was reading an article about natural dog food recipes is very interested in the health of their dog. As dog illnesses increase and diseases like diabetes and cancer become more and more common people will ask why are our best friends falling ill like this and why i

Why Is My Dog Jealous Of My Spouse?

Dogs just like humans can get jealous of another person. This article with give you some insight into the problems resulting from a jealous dog.

Assessing Your Senior Dog's Quality of Life

Anyone who has a dog approaching their senior years, especially if this is the owners first time, has probably wondered how to evaluated their dog's quality of life. How can you assess your aging dog's quality of life? How is your dog coping with the age related changes? What can you do to

Pet Separation Anxiety - What You Can Do to Help Reduce It

Separation anxiety is a behavior disorder due to which dogs panic whenever they are left alone at home. The panic attack is so overwhelming that with the idea of being alone the dog starts barking like crazy, and may become destructive. And when you left your dog in such situation you may not like t

How to Raise a Maltipoo

A Maltipoo is the final product obtained from crossing two popular companion dog breeds: the toy or miniature Poodle and the Maltese. This designer dog has gained more popularity due to its affectionate and gentle demeanor, making them a great addition for empty nesters or terrific therapy dogs. One