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Bird Skull Identification

The most exact way to identify a bird skull is through comparison with another bird skull that is already known. However, the identity of many skulls can be determined based on certain characteristics. For many skulls, the easiest method of identification involves the size, shape and style of the be

General Parrot Information and Some Interesting Facts That May Surprise You

Parrots are the most popular birds to be kept as pets. With their sociable character and utmost intelligence, people can't help but fall in love with this these wonderful birds. Known as psittacines, they are tropical birds that thrive in the warm and tropical forests around the globe.

Chicken Pen Ideas

Chickens give a family a daily supply of eggs for food, and chicken pens are popping up all over in suburban neighborhoods. In many areas, zoning laws usually allow up to four hens per family in suburban areas. Check with local zoning boards for pen requirements and quantity of chickens allowed in t

How to Hand Raise African Greys

African Grey parrots are intelligent, social birds who bond strongly with one or more people. An African Grey can live up to 70 years and learn thousands of words, phrases and trained actions. Although these birds are intelligent and friendly, it is vitally important that they begin interacting with

What Is a Flight Cage?

Flight cages are exactly what they sound like---bird cages that are wide and long enough to allow your bird to fly inside. Naturally, the sizes of flight cages vary according to the size of the bird.

What You Need To Know About Finch Health

Prevention and treatment of illness is crucial to keeping birds as pets. In this article, you'll learn the essentials of finch health so you can keep your birds happy and healthy.

Clean Air For Birds - 5 Features To Avoid In Your Air Cleaner

Using an air purifier to keep air quality high for pet birds has been recognized as an effective and necessary way to keep their air clean. Because there are so many choices available it's good to know which features to avoid. Here are the top 5 features to leave on the shelf.

Happiness With a Blue Parrot

Parrots are known to be one of the most entertaining, loyal, and fun-loving pets any person or pet lover can ever have. Through the years, the popularity of parrots-no matter what kind or color they may be-has grown into large quantities.

Low-Elevation Coastal Habitats for Birds

Low-elevation coastal habitats for birds are in danger not only from global warming but also from human contamination. Coastal habitats provide homes for many birds whose diet comes from fish and other marine life. The oceans provide their meals, and the cliffs and shorelines offer areas for nesting

How to Feed Pet Chickens

Pet chickens need to be fed consistently to ensure proper growth and health. The easiest way to feed chickens is to free-feed them, that is, offer food all the time and let the chickens decide when they should eat. Unless you're feeding broilers, which requires a different regiment to slow their gro

How to Bring a Parakeet Outside

Add a little variety to a parakeet's life by taking it outside in its cage. Parakeets enjoy warm weather (65 degree Fahrenheit and higher). When taking the parakeet outside, it's important to keep the wind temperature in mind. Cold winds can make the bird sick. Parakeets will fly away if they go out

How to Know the Gender of a Duck

Ducks lay eggs nearly every day until the duck feels she has laid enough for a full clutch. A full clutch is between eight and fifteen duck eggs. Once there is a full clutch, the female duck will sit on them until hatched. After hatching, the ducklings are lead to the water. Sexing a duck requires l