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How to Fold a Flag for a Display Case

An American flag in a display case not only honors a veteran of the armed forces, but demonstrates reverence and respect for the flag of their country. At the funeral of a veteran, the flag is draped on the coffin, then properly folded and presented to the veteran's family in a moving ceremony. The

Origin of Copper on Statue of Liberty

A gift from France in the late 19th century, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of international friendship and global freedom. Her oxidized copper skin gives her the classic green hue.

Types of Chinese Sentences

While the writing of Chinese characters is drastically different than writing in a Latin based language like English, the sentence structure is quite similar. While in Chinese a symbol represents an entire word, the sentences work the same transmitting information from person to person. No matter ho

Economic System of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom operates a diversified economy that is one of the largest in the world. The British economic system exhibits the characteristics of a mixed system, combining market-based features with some socialist characteristics.

Sandy Berger Ruling: Fair Or Not?

For all intents and purposes, justice was served when Sandy Berger was fined $50,000 by U.S. Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson in her ruling on September 8, 2005 regarding Sandy Berger's mishandling of classified documents. Moreover, Sandy Berger will surrender his security clearance for three

Ethical Issues in Globalization

Globalization refers to the modern phenomena of cultures, nations and financial institutions around the world becoming more and more interconnected. As a result of this interconnection, these various institutions are becoming interdependent. This interdependency carries with it ethical and practical

100 Days in the Hot Seat

On Huffington Post there is a page with 300 photos of Obama's first 100 days in office. They are a wonderful selection of personal, behind the scene and sometimes humorous view of the life of a president in high office.There are two things that struck me while watching this slide show.

Your Complete Central Florida General Elections Wrap-Up

The Hunt for Red November was successful, to say the least. The Republicans dominated almost every race and sent shock-waves that spread from Orlando, to the rest of the country. Democrats can at least take solace in knowing that they still have the Senate and the White House, but still its kind of

What Causes Swings in the Stock Market?

Over the long term, factors such as the state of the economy and company earnings drive stock prices. These factors, however, do not explain why an average stock chart looks like a zigzag drawing -- seemingly randomly rising for a few days, only to fall back for a few days. These types of price swin

The Crate of the Onion Address

There is always lots of commentary after the state of the union speech, and this year was no different. The speech that President Obama gave in January of 2011 was quite good, that is to say it was well written, and he generally gives a pretty good speech, he can read the heck out of any Teleprompte

Embracing True American Equality

One of the fundamental pillars of American society has come to be the unwavering desire to promote and achieve equality. Unfortunately, we as Americans have strayed from this founding principle and have tried to make equality a man made endeavor. Through unorthodox practices such as affirmative acti

Public Office is a Public Trust

The three words Public, Office and Trust carry great weight and imply sense of duty and moral responsibility. It is always a great privilege to hold an office, more so a public office and to render service honestly and fairly without fear or favor.

Term Limits

If term limits are a good idea for executives, why don't we have them for legislators?You might say we have them each election day, but the scoundrels have crafted a system that guarantees a 90% re-election rate.We need term limits.

Difference Between Gender Role & Gender Identity

Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behavior, activities and attributes that are considered appropriate for males or females in a particular society. It focuses less on biological attributes and more on masculinity and femininity, the sociological, cultural and psychological characteris

Not All Sunsets Are Beautiful

Aloha to those tax cuts enacted by the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 ("EGTRRA"). If Congress does nothing, these tax cuts sunset at midnight on December 31, 2010. Anti-Business and Family laws in place before EGTRRA will kick back in. We will lose enhanced capit

The Role of the U.S. Secretary of State

The U.S. secretary of state plays an important role in federal government. The office holder is appointed by the president with approval from the Senate. The secretary of state serves as the chief foreign affairs adviser to the president and is responsible for implementing the president's foreign po

United States Immigration Problems

Immigration issues have come under increasing scrutiny in the United States. At its core, immigration problems are a struggle between ideals: Although America has traditionally been known as a "melting pot" of different races, cultures and creeds, national security issues and a recent focus on terro