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Explore Fun With the Enormous Potential of Internet.

Here we will discuss various facets of creating a funny pictures. First of all you need to have a picture that should be good enough to create a picture. There are many online editors available ...

Obama Clinging

A political cartoon depicting Barack Obama clinging to guns and religion in the wake of the Pennsylvania primary.

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

Lorenzo von Matterhorn is surprisingly enough very popular on the internet even though considering the fact that he is just a fictional character, introduced by the character Barney Stinson - real name Neil Patrick Harris - in one of the CBS sitcoms 'How I Met Your Mother'. The character o

How to Talk Like a Sailor, Without Swearing!

Are you fascinated with the adventurous lifestyle of sailors? Or do you have a costume party coming up and want to be more believable in your sailor uniform? Learning a bit of sailor slang is a great way to learn more about life at sea while helping you expand your sea worthy vocabulary, without jus

Assad Weapons

A political cartoon about Syrian President Assad and mental illness.

Secret Supermarket Humour

I began to ponder the possibility that there might be secret messages and jokes hidden for discerning shoppers to find. What if there exists such a thing as "secret supermarket humour?"

Communists Sell North Korea And Iran "The Noose To Hang Themselves With"

Remember Lenins quip that The capitalists would sell us the noose to hang them with? Talk about the inevitability of history. Now the statement seems to apply more to the communists.When UN sanctions went into effect against North Korean, Beijing vowed to enforce them, at least, as much they vow to

Cheney as Satan

A funny picture depicting Dick Cheney as Satan in his undisclosed location in hell.

Love Quotes Can Be Inspirational

There are a lot of methods to acquire inspired. Single of it is by analysis inspirational quotes. Motivation can also be achieve through understanding love quotes. There are dissimilar kinds of love quotes on the ...

Merry Christmas

A political cartoon about Congress and the budget deal.

Top iPhone Apps for Political Humor Junkies

Essential iPhone apps for political humor junkies, including apps from The Colbert Report and The Onion, plus apps featuring political cartoons and political jokes.

How (and When) Women Fart

Just like our parents taught us, there's a time and a place for everything. And farting is no different. While guys can be forward and direct and just let 'em rip and talk about them (instead of feeli

Re-incarnation is Real

Lets face it re-incarnation is a very interesting concept indeed. I was recently talking with a gentleman about how Re-incarnation is an interesting belief...

The Comedians of Comedy DVD Review

The Comedians of Comedy DVD Review - The Comedians of Comedy DVD - Review of The Comedians of Comedy DVD - This documentary, which chronicles the 2005 tour of The Comedians of Comedy proves that truly funny people are funny even when they're offstage.

Hocus Pocus Magic

CLICK HERE for more magic! [http://hocus-pocus-magic.blogspot.com/] Hocus Pocus or hocus-pocus is a word used by magicians, usually the magic words spoken when bringing about some sort of change. It was once a common term for ...