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Benefits of Spa Treatment

You are so tired and look for something where you can discover a pool of relaxation and enjoyment. You simply slip into your personal pool and enjoy at least an hour enjoying shedding all your tensions, pressures and worries of the day.

How to Build Moving Parts in a Bamboo Water Fountain

A bamboo water fountain offers the serenity of the sight and sound of flowing water. It also offers the thump that the bamboo water pipe makes after it empties out the water that collects inside it. As the pivoting water pipe comes back into the upright position, it hits a length of bamboo or a rock

What Is Calcium Hardness?

Total Hardness is often referred to as Calcium Hardness or Total Hardness. Total Hardness is a measure of the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the hot tub water. The basic recommended range in a hot tub is between 200 and 400 parts per million.


A definition of the aquarium term oxidator.

My Pool Water Is Clear But It Has Green Algae Growing on the Bottom

Not only is algae present in nearly all sources of water, but any item can also carry the spores that produce algae. So, any time you bring goggles or toys into your pool, you risk bringing algae along with them. The regular maintenance of your pool, including adding chlorine regularly to the water

Easy Pool Party Ideas And Playtime Fun

So many families today live inside the city limits and back yard space may be limited and small. This does not mean you cannot let your children enjoy the fun by splashing around in a kids swimming pool. Outside play areas do not have to be huge and neither do the swings, slides, and sandboxes. When

Stress Relief Techniques to Use in Hot Tubs

Having a hot tub means you have your own reliable source of relaxation in your own home. Here are some ways your hot tub helps you de-stress and a few ways to help you relax even further.

How to Kill Yellow Algae

It is possible to eliminate the yellow algae that has accumulated on the sides of your pool without having to call a pool technician. Yellow algae is commonly referred to as "mustard algae," and usually collects around shaded areas of your pool. It is important to treat your pool's yellow algae prob

Gunite Pool Specifications

A wire grid is needed under gunite pool walls.worker in pool image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comGunite is a trademarked name for a mixture of cement and sand that is blown onto many types of contoured surfaces, including the interior of inground pools. The dry mixture is placed in a...

How to Use a Spa Bromine Feeder

Spa owners must take care of their spas in order to maintain proper pH levels and eliminate bacteria. The two main methods of killing bacteria and preventing further regrowth are the addition of chloride or bromine to the spa. Bromine is used more often than chlorine due to its ability to maintain a

Understanding the Changes to Queensland's Pool Fencing Laws

A huge part of being a responsible pool owner is making sure that you comply with all of the existing rules and regulations regarding pool ownership. After all, those laws are in place to protect the safety and well being of those who swim. New laws regarding pool fencing will go into effect on 1 De

Watchdog Error on Sundance Spas - Four Dashes

Are you getting the Watchdog Error on your Sundance Spa? It looks like four dashes on your display panel. If so, read on to understand WHY you have the Watchdog Error and what you can do to fix it!

Patrick Nugent on the Patio

Much has been documented about the interior of the White House, but what about the exterior? With a residence that large, it must have an amazing yard, with lots of patios, terraces, porches, pools and private retreats the average person knows nothing about. Take an historical tour of the White Hous


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Selecting a Location for Your Hot Tub

1) Place your spa on a surface that is large enough for the entire spa to fit. Consider the space needed to easily access equipment compartments and circuit breakers. Remember, all electronics must be kept dry.

Gorilla Playset Installation

Gorilla Playsets of Canton, Georgia, builds, sells and ships prefabricated wooden swing sets. The company sells more than a dozen different sets that range in price from $600 to $3,300. The sets arrive as a kit in a big cardboard crate. The manufacturer states that the "T-nut construction of these w

Round Pavers in Gravel

Pea gravel with round aggregate pavers in different sizes makes an attractive and easy patio area.


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