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How to Build 6X6 Deck Posts for Railings

An exterior deck offers an enjoyable outdoor space to spend time with your family and friends. The ability to customize your own deck is one of the advantages of building the deck yourself. Using a 6 by 6 for your deck post adds more architectural detailing to the deck and gives it a customized look

Sandstone Patio Ideas

Sandstone patios are elegant for people who want a beautiful backyard area in which to relax. Tiles, pavers or blocks made of sandstone can combine in a number of ways to create a geometric or free-form pattern.

Give More Thought To Pedestrians And Cyclists

Covered walkways pointing out the choice between aluminium and galvanised steel. In the long run the aluminium structures may be more expensive but their total resistance to rust makes them worth the extra cost in ...

Caterpillar Evergreen Pests

Evergreen plants are widely used in home landscaping because of their durability and year-round color. They come in different sizes, shapes and styles and do well in most regions of the United States. Although these plants are hardy, they may fall victim to a few diseases and pests. Among the most c

How to Kill Goathead Weeds

Goathead, also known as puncturevine (Tribulus terrestris) is a summer annual weed that can grow in a wide range of conditions, though it prefers hot and dry conditions. Goathead causes the usual problems, mainly stealing nutrients, water, and sunlight from other plants. However, goathead presents t

How to Landscape a Front Yard and Entrance

Your front yard is the first thing people see when they come to your house. You should take extra care to make your front yard landscape and entrance as inviting as possible.

Compare Types of Pools

Having your own personal swimming pool in the back yard is more convenient than going to the local swimming pool or recreational center. If you're considering having one put in, you need to consider the type of swimming pool you want before purchasing a pool. Some swimming pools can be installed qui

Why Outdoor Lighting?

There are a few different ways to improve your yard and home through outdoor lighting.You can enhance garden areas, the overall landscape, and your home itself.

How to Compost Grass

One way that people can help their environment by reducing waste and lower their gardening costs at the same time is by creating and using composting bins. A variety of composting bins are available for purchase at home and garden stores, and if desired you can create one with minimal effort from a

About Landscape Designers

Landscape designers design our parks, turn plain yards into peaceful retreats and give commercial buildings a formal business-like aesthetic. Anyone who wants to become a landscape designer needs to go through years of intensive study in order to become licensed and join national and regional associ

How to Adjust the Brakes on a Murray Lawn Tractor

Over time, the brake on your Murray lawn tractor will begin to loosen on the rear axle of the lawn tractor, and you will have to push the brake pedal in sooner to stop in time. For safety purposes, the lawn tractor should be able to stop from full speed in 5 feet, recommends the Murray Lawn Tractor

Porch Swing Project

Porch swings provide comfortable seating options for your home’s exterior and they enhance the appearance of the porch area. The swings hang from the roof or rafters using basic hooks that home owners can install themselves. However, it’s important to choose a sturdy location that can su

Heat Stress and Trees

The effects of heat stress on a tree can be devastating. Heat stress generally occurs during times of intensely hot, above average temperatures. Most trees can cope with a certain amount of heat, but above ...

How to Make a Fall Porch Cozy

Fall days make you want to stay outside and enjoy every last drop of sunlight and the crisp, early evening air before heading indoors. However, if your porch is not suitably prepared for this type of seasonal enjoyment, you may find yourself shivering on the stoop rather then soaking in the autumn l

How to Remove Ficus Roots

When trying to get rid of a ficus tree, many gardeners and landscapers have discovered that simply cutting it down is not enough. Ficus trees have a strong root system that is efficient and able to survive and grow. While the trunk and top of a ficus can be cut and removed, the roots are considered

How to Design an Outhouse

Outhouses are a common long-term solution for human waste disposal in remote places where it would be impractical to install a septic system or sewer connections. Prior to the days of indoor plumbing they used to be very commonplace, and you can still find outhouses in parks and the countryside.

Can We Spray Roundup Around a Pond?

Widely used as a systemic weed herbicide since the 1970s, Roundup contains the active chemical ingredient glyphosate. As a systemic, Roundup will act on any plant it comes in contact with and is absorbed. Americans are legally and ethically bound to follow all directions and warnings listed on produ

Information About Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass emerges in early to mid-spring and once germination begins it rapidly takes over the lawn. The most effective control for crabgrass is the combination of a maintenance and herbicide program.

How to Build an Indoor Propane Pizza Oven

An indoor pizza oven is a novel and fun addition to your home. A true indoor pizza oven that runs on propane is difficult to manage, as it can be dangerous indoors. Even the tiniest of leaks can lead to a life-threatening explosion. If you decide to build an indoor pizza oven, it is suggested to bui