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How to Make a Bench From a Shelf

An attractive and high-quality shelf retains its value for the flexible homeowner, even after it is no longer required as an organizational tool. With very minimal equipment and a few additional items, a long shelf can serve as an extremely functional and attractive piece of seating. This customizat

How to Make a Mason Bee Box

The orchard mason bee (Osmia lignaria) is a beneficial insect for gardeners and fruit growers. This bee is a much more efficient pollinator than the honey bee, and is much less likely to sting. To lure orchard mason bees to your garden and orchard, you can easily build them the kind of home that the

How to Fix Gaps in Drywall

If you've noticed a straight crack or gap appearing on your drywall, chances are that the seam between two pieces of the drywall has split. This generally means the drywall tape normally used to connect the drywall sheets has either split up the middle or wasn't properly installed to begin with, mak

How to Repair Broken Fiberglass

Fiberglass repairs typically fall into one of two categories: repairing holes and fixing cracks. Each repair is similar to the other, but there are a few minor differences. Whether your garage door panel is cracked, or there is a hole in the hull of your fiberglass boat, this repair method solves th

How to Make a Drooping Ceiling Tile Stay Up

If your suspended ceiling starts drooping, it needs more support. Remove a ceiling tile and look above the grid. You will notice a series of metal hanger wires supporting the frame. A new hanger wire or two must be installed above the drooping portion of ceiling to lift it back up and offer it prope

Ideas to Change the Exterior Appearance of My Home

Expanding the front of your house with unusual shapes and sizes can completely transform its looks.Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty ImagesMany different options are available to a homeowner wishing to change the exterior appearance of a home. Depending on your desires and budget, changes can...

How to Use Material As Wall Covering

Material is a wall covering that is easy to install and remove. The fact that it can be used as a wall covering without damaging the walls or the fabric is a perfect solution for people who rent apartments and therefore are not allowed to paint the walls to correspond with their personal furnishings

How to Set Slate Tiles

Floor tiles come in numerous types of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, marble and granite. If you're seeking a slightly rustic and natural look but with an elegant undertone to it, slate is a good choice. This natural stone tile is layered, giving it a flinty, solid appearance. Like all ston

Care of Old Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors lend natural beauty, warmth and richness to any room. They need regular maintenance to keep their healthy glow. If taken care of properly, a hardwood floor will last for decades and may even put some extra money in your pocket when you sell your home. The National Wood Flooring Assoc

How to Naturally Restore Hardwood Flooring

If you use the appropriate tools, harsh chemicals are not necessary to restore hardwood floors. With time and normal wear and tear, hardwood floors accumulate scratches, scuffs and scars. These unsightly spots require action to correct. The process often involves harsh stripping and sealing chemical

How to Make a Castle Loft Bed

For dorm rooms, small apartments and efficiency living, nothing offers as much space and flexibility as a loft bed. For a child's room, it offers extra storage space and a fun way to sleep. Entice your little ones into sleeping without mom and dad by turning their loft bed into a castle. They won'

How to Hang Frames on Plaster Walls

Much like a cast on a broken arm, plaster on walls is an incredibly hard and durable substance. At the same time, however, it is prone to cracking. This presents a challenge when hanging frames on a plaster wall -- you don't want to damage the surface, and it can also be very difficult to drive a na

How to Lay Hardwood Flooring Against Brick

There are two main methods for installing a trim piece next to brick when laying hardwood flooring. One method is fitting a trim piece as close as possible to the brick. The other method is to try to cut the back of the trim to fit and then caulk the remaining gap between the brick. If there is a pa

Marble Flooring Styles

Marble floors are most frequently associated with elegance and formal entryways. Marble is an extremely versatile stone, however, that can be used to achieve several different styles. Whether your home is rustic, modern, eclectic or Old World in style, there is a marble flooring that can complement

How to Adjust the Pressure Valve for Indoor Plumbing

All homes with modern plumbing contain pressure regulators. These bell-shaped devices regulate the amount of force that water is allowed to exert on your home's water pipes. Too much pressure can cause water hammer, or banging of the pipes. Too little water pressure can result in decreased performan

Easy Way to Attach Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Kitchen cabinet hardware not only adds functionality to your cabinets but can add a beautiful design that gives elegance to your kitchen. The knobs, pulls and handles can match your other metals in your kitchen, like your faucet, or you can mix and match them for a unique look. With a few simple ste

Wall Paint Treatments

The days when white and beige were the decorating choices for walls are largely gone. The paint industry has developed lines of fabulous colors, and designers have created paint techniques to give homeowners even more decorating options. Texture and a bit of Trompe L'Oeil have been added to the mix

How to Repair Drywall Surfaces

Drywall is gypsum (chalk) pressed between two sheets of thick paper into boards. This provides a nice, flat surface for covering walls that's far easier to work with than old-fashioned plaster, and gives you a far better result. Drywall also is more durable than plaster, which can crack and break ov

How to Check for Active Termites

Termites are an expensive problem, causing $2.5 billion worth of damage annually on homes, according to This Old House Magazine, . Early detection is key to capping the cost and saving your house, and spotting a termite tunnel in wood isn't a sure sign of active infestation. While professional inspe