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Fire Cracker Craft

Instructions for making a Fire Cracker using a bathroom tissue roll.

Book Review

Find out the real scoop about this unique book on making jewelry using rubber stamping techniques.

The Beautiful Australian Silver Lunar Coin

Collectors and numismatists whose thematic specialization falls under completing a collection by years will find a real gem in the Australian Silver Lunar Coin. The Perth Mint which is located in Western Australia started minting this coin in 1999 to start a series of mintage based on the Chinese Lu

Create a Unique New Cushion Using an Old Pair of Jeans

What you will need90cm denim fabric (if using remnants of old jeans, as shown here, you may need to join pieces to make up to the sizes indicated below) Matching thread 40cm zip fastener 46cm-square cushion padHow to do itCut four 27cm squares of denim fabric for the front of the cushion. If you&apo

Father's Day Book Craft

Learn how to make a Father's Day book craft to give your dad this Father's Day.

Newborn Baby Dolls - Knowing What is Right For You

Newborn baby dolls come in various colors, in various races and also in varying sizes. Further, there are now also many hundreds of accessories available - high chairs to baby bottles, strollers to pacifiers, clothing to shoes. Is it any wonder that little girls can completely immerse themselves in

Sympathy Cards- What To Write

You can give sympathy cards to friends who lost their loves ones as a way to show your empathy and love. Instead of purchasing readymade cards, you can just make your own.

Buying Glass Beads

Of all the beads available, glass beads are one of the most popular. Lots of jewelry makers have been buying glass beads for years to make their jewelry. Others use glass beads to decorate with.

How to Care for Antique Civil War Swords

A Civil War sword, whether a curved cavalry saber, an artillery officer's short sword or an engraved presentation sword, can be valuable links to that important time in American history. However, collectors should handle and preserve them with care to avoid damaging them. Proceed with caution when

Antique Firearms Collectors

Antique firearms collectors usually specialize in one or two historical eras. One of the most popular eras to collect firearms from is the American Civil War. During this era there were a lot of advancements made in gun construction. Some of the items that belong to this era include cannons, long ri

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn' t Use Plastic Shopping Bags

The number of humans on this planet, and the ways we manipulate our environment to suit ourselves, are having an unprecedented impact on the natural world. One of the environmental sins that has been prominent for quite some time is plastic bags.

Why Is Scrap Metal Art Gaining Immense Popularity?

Scrap metals can come from anywhere, for instance: damaged cars and vehicles, garage, kitchen, stove top, factories, nuts and bolts, spark plugs, nails and all different kinds of scrap metal. etc. Do you know that ...