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Amana Vs. Lennox Central Air

Choosing an air conditioning unit for a home can present a challenge when it comes to comparing different brands. Two brands of air conditioning units sold in North America are Amana and Lennox.

How to Fix a Fridge Freezer Fan That Died

Your refrigerator compresses hot air into cold air. The compression process does not distribute the air throughout the fridge; that is the job of the evaporator fan. The evaporator fan kicks on when the thermostat reads that the temperature inside the unit is too high. If you hear a high-pitch whin

How to Remove Washing Machine Rust

With the amount of water the rushes in and out of a washing machine, there are many areas where water can pool and lead to rust. Not only is rust in your washing machine a potential issue with the machine not functioning properly, it can also leave rust rings and stains on your clothes. You may try

Using a Meat Slicer

If you like having meat and cook different kinds of meat the electric meat slicer can be one of the best choices of kitchen equipment you can ever make. Meat slicers not only save you a lot of time in getting the big chunks of meat into even slices they also save you a lot of money if you are a freq

How to Install Lights Under Cabinets

There is something cozy and inviting about turning off the overhead kitchen light and turning on the lights under the cabinets. They add a softer light that is illuminating without glare. They are great to install when you have a dark corner of your kitchen that just comes to life with the addition

How to Replace the Blower Wheel in a Kenmore Dryer

The blower wheel inside a Kenmore dryer keeps the warm air flowing into the drum while the unit is running. If the blower wheel fails, the heat produced by the dryer cannot make its way to the wet laundry. Replace the broken or faulty blower wheel to keep the Kenmore dryer working properly.

How to Install a Lint Trap for a Washing Machine

While we often think of lint accumulations as only being an issue in your clothes dryer, it is equally problematic with your washing machine. As the clothes are tumbled, agitated fibers from your clothes can break free and then get flushed down your plumbing lines with the waste water. Over time, th

Thermostat Program Instructions

As winter arrives and heaters begin to run, it's important that your thermostat be set for efficiency, as well as comfort. The United States Department of Energy recommends setting occupied household temperatures at 70 degrees F or less during the day, and 62 degrees to 64 degrees at night. However,

How to Hook Up a Square Skimmer to a Pool Vacuum

Skimmers are crucial to a swimming pool as they provide a channel for the water to enter the filtration system. Skimmer openings in the pool are typically shaped as a square or rectangle. The skimmer body, which hangs on the outside of the pool, can be a square or cylinder shape. The bottom of the s

Making Choosing a Pod Coffee Maker Easier

If you are looking to buy a pod coffee maker, you may be a bit hesitant about buying the wrong one. With popularity in the single serve variety growing, more and more companies are coming out with their own versions. So which one should you go with? Read on to find out!

How to Replace a Thermostat on an Oven

When you have a casserole that comes out of the oven burnt or undercooked, it is probably because the thermostat is faulty. Thermostats control the temperature inside the oven using a thermal bulb. By learning how to replace a thermostat on an oven, you can quickly get your oven working again. You c

How to Install a Refrigerator

Putting a refrigerator into place doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some tips to make it easier.

The Benefits of Using Spray Foam As a Home Insulator

If you are in the process of building a new home or renovating your existing home then finding the ideal insulation is one of the decisions that you will have to make. There are several options available to you. Some products are more affordable in the short term but don't always provide the be

The Significance of Keeping the Air Conditioning Units Clean

It is necessary to keep your air conditioning units clean if you want to get the best results from it for a long period of time. Experts suggest that if you ignore the repairs and maintenance of this part of the air conditioning unit, you might have to bear larger expense for repairs later. Moreover

How to Change a Belt on an Electric Dryer

Occasionally, the belt on the electric dryer will require replacement after it wears out from use. The dryer belt is exposed to extreme heat from inside the dryer while it is working, which produces cracks and dries the belt out, sometimes causing it to break. Generally, most electric dryers have si

The Benefits of Gel Fueled Fireplaces

In order to not only help make your living experience as comfortable as possible and potentially increase the property value of your home when it comes time to sell it, decorating your home presents a wonderful opportunity. Gel fuel fireplaces is an excellent way to decorate your home, as it is very

Gas Water Heater Vs. Electric Water Heater

Water heaters are a key appliance in the home, so confronting the question of what kind of heater to get is a must in replacements, remodeling jobs and new home construction. Circumstances in the United States, such as the ready availability of cheap natural gas, usually favor the use of a gas water

The Best Built-In Undercounter Refrigerators

The under counter refrigerator is gaining popularity with a wide variety of the population. This small appliance can display wine, fit in tight spaces, make a modern kitchen look more stylish or help busy moms with young children. Consumers will be pleasantly surprised at the quality,...

The Benefits Of A 1 Outlet Surge Protector

A single lightning strike or other power spiking occurrences that could disrupt the power structure near or in your area can cause damage to expensive appliances. This damage could end up being very expensive to correct.

Thermopile vs. Thermocouple Fireplace

Thermocouples and thermopiles use the principles of thermoelectricity to generate electricity by measuring temperature. These devices appear in numerous applications, including appliances such as gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts. Understanding the differences between a thermopile and a thermocou