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Things to Make With Knit Fabric

Made of a combination of cotton and synthetic material, knit fabric is often soft, breathable and stretchy. Sewing with it can be tricky since the pressure foot of the sewing machine can stretch the fabric, rather than hold it in place. Baste, or hand sew with large stitches, all projects with knit

How to Build a Mathematical Model

Mathematical modeling has been used to solve problems not only in engineering and physics, but also in biology and healthcare. Here is a general guideline for how to build a mathematical model.

Problems with Solar Heating

Solar energy is harvested in two different ways: generation of electricity through solar cells and direct use of sunlight to heat liquids. The capital costs involved in installing a solar cell based system is much higher than a solar heating system. Though capital cost of a solar heating system is l

Information on Proteolytic Enzymes

The proteolytic enzymes, also known as proteases, are important chemical compounds that help maintain your body's metabolic processes such as digestion. The human body produces thousands of proteases, but some are also found in certain foods. Deficiency or lack of one of these proteases may lead to

How to Build a Potato Hiller

Potatoes grow in the ground, but as the plants grow up they have the capability to send out more potatoes if the plants are covered up throughout the growing season. This process is called “hilling” and can be done by hand with a hoe or with a human- or machine-powered hiller. You can ma

How to Build a Three-Dimensional DNA Model

Building a three-dimensional DNA model can be an educational and fun experience for people of all ages. Not only can it be used for school science projects or classroom presentations, but it will also enhance your understanding of the DNA molecule's complex and unique structure. DNA model kits are f

How to Calculate Solar Insolation

Solar insolation is the amount of electromagnetic energy, or solar radiation, received at a point on the earth's surface. Cloud coverage, solar declination angle, zenith angle and hour angle are necessary variables to consider when determining solar insolation. Units for solar insolation are general

Homemade Electricity

Electricity refers to the release and flow of electrons. Lightning strikes are a common example of electric flow on a dynamic scale. The sparks from static electricity, too, are an example of electron flow. When electrons are freed from the atoms they're binded to, they are repulsed by each other an

Homemade Branding Irons

Branding irons are pieces of metal that are heated and used to brand, or sear, material. In the past, they were generally used on livestock but now have more common uses such as branding leather, wood and steak. Branding irons are bent into unique, identifiable shape, usually to identify the company

How to Build an Island in the Sea

Building your own island isn't an impossibility, provided you are willing to work the steps necessary to ensure that your project has the proper sanction from government and the right engineering. If you're hoping to construct your own coral atoll--a chain of islands around a central lagoon--you'll

How to Mount Fragile Fabric in a Shadow Box

Mounting artistic or historical fabrics and textiles in a shadow box is an effective way of displaying them while also protecting them from environmental damage. However, trying to hang fragile pieces without damaging them can be challenging. The optimal way to mount fragile fabric is to loosely and

Easy Leaf Identification

Using leaves is the easiest method for tree identification. You probably can recall the leaf shape of many common trees such as willow and maple. Oak leaves are easily recognized by their lobbed shape. A closer examination reveals the type of oak. Identification is simplest when using a plant key.

Making Clay Pots on a Turning Wheel

Throwing clay pots on a turning wheel is a very enjoyable and stress-relieving activity. While it takes practice to learn how to make clay pots on a turning wheel and develop throwing techniques, anyone can learn the process and practice the methods until they perfect the art. You can make pottery o

How to Preserve Lemons for Decoration

Packing and preserving lemons in a decorative glass jar makes a charmingly distinct ornament for the kitchen. While you can decorate the interior of the jar by adding herbs or the outside of the jar by attaching embellishments, the lemons don't serve just an ornamental purpose. Preserved lemons are

How to Flick a Zippo Up

In 1932, Zippo began manufacturing windproof lighters. Now, the company has produced more than 425 million lighters. Several enthusiasts of the Zippo company enjoy collecting, selling and trading their lighters. Zippo lighters are preferred because of their durability and high-quality craftsmanship.

How to Make Styrofoam Planes

Since Dow Chemical trademarked the brand name Styrofoam in 1946, the material has been used for many things, including toy airplane kits. But you don't need to purchase a Styrofoam airplane kit to make your own plane. With the right supplies, making your own plane won't take you more than an hour.

How to Calculate Steel Header Spans & Weight Loads

Steel beams are used in construction to support large weights over wide spans. The amount of weight a beam can carry is determined by its type, size, position of the load and its span. The carrying capacity of each beam is determined by a laboratory that performs stress tests on the beam then publi

Lauric Acid Hazards

Lauric acid is the main type of acid found in oil from coconuts. As with other acids found in food products, it's generally safe in small quantities, but exposure to concentrated forms can be hazardous. It's important to know the potential dangers, as well as how to treat or control any possible sid

How Make a Clear Vase

If you are seeking a way to add personality to your home, a way to make a room scream "you," creating your own accessories is a good plan. Even if you aren't particularly crafty, a simple vase can be created from gluing cutout images to cheap items like plastic cups and Mason jars. However, if you w

What Is the Difference Between Charcoal & Coal?

Since the Clean Air Act was past there have been strict limits on the burning of solid fuel. Many of these have been replaced with smokeless versions which are more commonly used on barbecues than for heating homes. The two most common solid fuels used are coal and charcoal which, despite the names,