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How Does Nexium Work?

Nexium, also known as the healing purple pill, is an FDA-approved drug that works to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by acid reflux disease, stomach ulcers, indigestion and heartburn. Nexium can also work to repair damage to the stomach lining and esophagus resulting from acid...

Pediatric OTC Cough and Cold Product Safety

Read this clinical update to learn about pediatric cold products that have been taken off the market and what supportive measures are currently recommended to help mitigate childrens’ cold symptoms.

Hormone HGH Spray Information

HGH is the shortened term for human growth hormone. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland and over the course of the lifetime, production decreases. Due to the natural decrease in of HGH during the aging process, there has been an interest in whether the use of HGH could combat the symptoms of agin

Bilberry Herbs

The bilberry, also known as bog bilberries or whortleberries, is used for an assortment of ailments.Bilberry image by lefebvre_jonathan from Fotolia.comEvery plant on the face of the earth has a use and a purpose. One plant that has quite a few uses is the bilberry plant, which has been...

Chitosan Fat Blocker Side Effects

Chitosan (deacetylated chitin biopolymer) is the main ingredient in the weight-loss supplement Fat Blocker. Chitosan, a substance extracted from the hard outer shells of marine crustaceans such as lobster and shrimp, is an indigestible fiber that passes through the digestive system. Because chitosan

How to Know What Vitamins You Really Need

You may be confused about just what vitamin you need to take, as many people are. Depending on your age you need to take certain vitamins. Here is a list which will help you know what to take by age.

The Side Effects of Cordyceps

Cordyceps became popular in the year 1993, when two Chinese athletes, Wang Junxia and Qu Yunxia, used cordyceps products as nutritional supplements. The two athletes beat the world records in track and field competition in the 3,000 and 10,000 meters respectively during the Stuttgart World Champions

What Is Chasteberry Used for?

Chasteberry (vitex angus-castus) has been a common herbal remedy, helping men and women for hundreds of years. There are many uses for chasteberry because of its helpfulness in balancing hormones with no known side effects.

Lack of Interaction Between Citalopram

To determine the effect of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor citalopram on plasma levels of triazolam, and to determine the effect of a single dose of triazolam on steady-state levels of citalopram and its major metabolites.

Trovafloxacin in Women

Can administering trovafloxacin to "fed" rather than fasting patients reduce the incidence of adverse events?

Harmful Effects of Fucus Vesiculosus

Fucus vesiculosus, otherwise known as seaweed or kelp, has been used to treat diseases such as thyroid disease, diabetes and different cancers. There can be harmful side effects and people using fucus vesiculosus should watch out for these symptoms: