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Exercise To Lower Your Cholesterol

It is not about how much you eat! The whole purpose of exercise is to burn fats and lower your cholesterol. What goes in HAS to come out. If nothing comes out, no matter how little you put in will still accumulate lots of fat and cholesterol over a period of time. The key point is this - less input,

10 Steps Before You Refer for: Hypertension

The majority of patients with hypertension are treated in primary care and are well controlled. This article walks through ten steps to consider that may avert the need for a referral.

Ticagrelor and Outcomes for Patients With Prior CABG

Patients with prior CABG who present with acute coronary syndromes have a high risk for recurrent events. Is intensive antiplatelet therapy with ticagrelor beneficial in this setting -- when compared with clopidogrel?

How Can Genes Cure Congestive Heart Failure?

Scientists have built upon various discoveries regarding the effect of genes in the detection and treatment of congestive heart failure. Several years ago it was discovered that a small percentage of patients who had suffered congestive heart failure possessed a failure in the gene that allows the b

Secrets To Better Health: Lowering Your LDL Cholesterol

If you have had a report from your doctor saying that you have high cholesterol, then action needs to be taken to remedy the problem and one of the best ways is lowering your LDL cholesterol. This is not difficult. Changing the food that you eat and perhaps incorporating some food types that you are

How Do You Lower Triglycerides Naturally?

Are you plagued by the question, "how do you lower triglycerides?" If so, you are not the only one looking for answers. Triglycerides are not bad; in fact, the body itself produces triglycerides. What makes them undesirable is when there are too much of them floating in your system.

Vagally Mediated Atrioventricular Block

Vagally mediated AV block is associated with slowing of the sinus rate, and there is much to learn about diagnosing and treating patients with this aberrant conduction pattern . . .

Three Tips to Avoid Foods High In Cholesterol

There are simple ways to avoid foods high in cholesterol. First is to question what you eat first and then decide what is the most heart healthy way to prepare the food.

High Cholesterol Food List - Foods Guaranteed to Raise Cholesterol Levels

If you are like me, then you have reached a point in your life where you realize that it is time to be more conscious of the foods you select. A high cholesterol food list will help put you on the right path to supporting healthy cholesterol levels.Let's take a look at those foods that should b