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Peritoneal Dialysis

When a patient has serious kidney problems there are sometimes only two options- a kidney transplant or dialysis.There are two main types of dialysis - hemodialyis where the patient is connected to a kidney machine for several hours at a clinic or hospital, and peritoneal dialysis.

Acid Reflux Foods to Avoid and Acid Reflux Causes

If you stop for a natural cure for acid reflux, or if you are just looking out for the acid reflux foods to avoid then perhaps you would first like to know a little more about it. Reflux at once (gast

Spinal Curvature: Types and Basic Information

Have you seen an x-ray image of your back or your spine? If not, then maybe you have observed how it looks in pictures or medical books. Notice that if the spine is viewed as ...

Alcohol Rehabilitation and Alcohol Rehab Centre

The future of an alcoholic is usually unpredictable. Alcohol consumption affects ones health, wealth and happiness. Alcoholic lose money by buying alcohol, lose health by consuming alcohol and lose trust of the loved ones by ...

Three Step Candida Cleanse Process

Are you thinking to try simple Candida cleanse process for getting rid of Candida ailment? If yes, then before trying out this, you must explore the article below to get knowledge over all the facts ...

Leading Differences Between Anorexia and Bulimia

An informative article featuring valuable information on the differences between anorexia and bulimina. Signs, Symptoms and treatments of these eating disorders are also discussed.

Kidney Stone Causes - Genetic Traits Can Cause Kidney Stones

Our kidneys function as filters in our body. It has nephrons or fine tube-like filters which excretes the waste from the blood and produces the urine. These nephrons then act as filters of the blood and the wastes collected by pass through the ureter and into the bladder where it becomes urine. In t

What Is Atlantoaxial Subluxation?

Atlantoaxial subluxation (or atlantoaxial instability) is a condition in which the vertebrae of the cervical spine are misaligned, usually as a result of trauma. The condition can range from fairly mild to severe. In the latter case, the loosened spine may compress the spinal cord, leading to irreve

What Are the Causes of Fibromyalgia?

The causes of fibromyalgia are not fully understood by the medical community. Researchers have developed theories and performed research but have not been able to pin down an exact cause. Some scientists theorize that fibromyalgia ...

Effective Natural Remedy For Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the metabolism process of body slows down resulting into weight gain. It is because the thyroid gland responsible for producing thyroid hormone produces insuffic

Lyme Disease Testing

Lyme Disease Testing can be very inaccurate. No Lyme Test is a 100% accurate. The typical Lyme Test your primary doctor gives you called the Elisa Test is almost always wrong. If you think you ...

Head Lice - Stages and Diagnosis

Head lice go through three stages of development: nit, nymph, and adult. Determining if you have head lice can be difficult.

Obesity and Arthritis

Obesity is the leading cause of millions of employees missing work each year in the U.S. This condition can be the origin of many different illnesses that affect the body. Often time obesity is associated ...

Never Do Candida Self Diagnosis! A Fact You Should Know

This article exposes one's experience showing reasons why you should never do candida self diagnosis. Sometimes candida is hard to be diagnosed because the symptoms are so similar to other conditions. However, there's one very valuable lesson that my friend shared with me, which is to neve