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How to Break in Birkenstock Clogs

If you look at the foot bed of a Birkenstock clog, you notice immediately the special shape and contours. The foot bed has a special design that provides comfort for your feet as you stand and walk. Because the heel has a concave shape, it holds your foot securely while the toe gripper helps your fo


Barbie Resin Jewelry. Barbie heads sunk into resin make for stunning jewelry made by Geri Jarvis.

Jewelry Chains Types

Chains have been popular fashion items since humanity learned to work metal.collier argent image by Unclesam from Fotolia.comChains have been a mainstay of jewelry since humans learned to craft metal into decorative objects. Gold chains comprised part of a Minoan earring that dates back...

Video: How do I Use MAC Kid Eye Shadow?

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Lisa Nielson, Beauty Maven and celebrity makeup artist. And I want to talk today about how to use MAC eye shadow for kids. There maybe a point or time when you child needs to use some eye shadow. And it might be for a stage performance, or say, they're...

A Guide To Buying Cheap Make Up Online

Buying cheap cosmetics online is not as risky as many may think it is. It is definitely worth doing if you have used the products before, as you can usually guarantee to find them cheaper.

How to Lighten Blond Hair Naturally

Blond hair always looks best in the spring and summer, especially for those that spend a lot of time in the sun. Blonds get a natural brightness to their hair as the sun bleaches it. However, during autumn and winter blond hair can darken and lose its shine. The obvious solution is dye, but chemical

How to Do Hair in a French Roll

The french roll hairstyle or 'french twist' is a versatile and classic way to wear your hair up and, with a few adjustments, it compliments any face shape. Any hair type can pull it off whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, and it is a quick way to make your hair look put-together before you

How to Design Your Own Black Titanium Ring

Titanium is a popular choice for rings because of its beauty, versatility and strength. Titanium can be colored or polished and is extremely durable due to its hardness and resistance to corrosion. Titanium's resistance to corrosion, specifically salt, makes it 100% hypoallergenic. A black titanium

Things to Do With Hair Bows

You don't need to be a little girl to wear a hair bow anymore, nor do they need to be restricted to only being worn in your hair. Hair bows are a classic accessory and are very versatile. Girls and women of all ages are incorporating them in their outfits and are wearing them on jewelry, clothing an

Men's Sweaters

Sweaters are a key element in any man's wardrobe. I like to wear them with everything, mostly because I can still look sharp and put together without needing to iron a shirt. They are also a great transitional weather item. Don't wait until it's too late, check out some of my favorite

Teen Girl Hairstyles for the Summer

Stay cooler during the summer by keeping hair off the neck.casual pair 2 image by Philip Date from Fotolia.comWhen it comes to styling for teenage girls, the choices of hairstyles are many and varied. The styles and cuts may lean towards their expression and experimentation, reflecting...

How to Fix a Broken Thread Loom

Most warps break at least a little during the weaving process: it's unavoidable. But there's no need to panic about broken warp threads. It's easy to splice a new one in. There are several ways to do it, but the most practical and easiest method is simply to weight the spliced section and hang it do

How to Clean Burberry Canvas

The British company Burberry was started in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, a young apprentice. Over the years, the word Burberry has become synonymous with a certain plaid, but also with trench coats and other wearable accessories of fine quality. Burberry manufacturers a variety of canvas items, from tot

Sweet 15 Hairstyles

A young woman's Sweet 15 or Quinceanera is often the most glamorous day in her young adult life, and the day when she becomes a woman wouldn't be complete without amazing hair. Sweet 15 hair has to be youthful yet sophisticated.

Ralph Lauren Baby Bodysuits

While shopping for baby bodysuits, you'll certainly encounter some of the designer brands, one of which is Ralph Lauren. But really, is it worth the extra money to buy Ralph Lauren baby bodysuits?

Tips on Sewing Polar Fleece

Invented by Malden Mills in the 1980s, polar fleece has proven to be one of the best warm-weather materials on the market and has grown enormously in popularity. Sewing with polar fleece is easy, and a great way to make customized winter wear for friends and loved ones. A few basic hints will help e