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Natural Remedies for Asthma - All You Need To Know

Natural remedies for asthma may be used in addition to inhalers and corticosteroids, which are most commonly prescribed asthma medications. Recent discoveries in the field offer new hope that soon that condition will be completely deciphered.

Teaching Prevention of Asthma Exacerbation in Children

Teaching the prevention of asthma exacerbation in children is a serious health education matter that may save a child's life. You do not have to be a doctor or a nurse to be an effective teacher. It is important to have a solid background in health education, asthma, asthma prevention and details of

Summertime: Breeze or Sneeze? How to Find Relief from Summer Allergies

While the hazy days of summer are a delight to some, for others they bring weeks of relentless sneezes, sniffles and sore eyes. Hayfever can drive those allergic to pollen crazy as symptoms build day after day with little respite. Here's a look at summer's most common allergy affliction an

Exercising When You Have Asthma

It can be scary exercising when you have Asthma, especially if you think you can't possibly do it safely or the correct way. There are many things you can do to minimize the chances of an Asthma attack while taking small steps to get yourself into better condition physically. First of all, unde

Allergies Type 1

Here is a description of Allergies Type 1 and common products that can be used to treat Allergies.

Sinus Infection Treatment

The best allergic rhinitis treatment is avoiding allergens. There is no better allergic rhinitis treatment that is better than preventing the problem in the first place.

Common Causes of Skin Allergies

More than 3,000 things can cause an allergic skin reaction, and we're around about 100 of them daily. But only a small percent are responsible for most allergy-based rashes. WebMD has the details.

Dust Allergy

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of dust allergy including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Finding the Hidden Allergy Triggers in Your Home

There are a number of different places that allergy triggers can hide within your home. These triggers can make your home a very uncomfortable place for anyone who is sensitive to allergens and can lead to severe reactions in people who are susceptible to them.

Asthma Treatment With Chinese Medicine

What is Asthma? Asthma is an increasingly common condition, now effecting 1 in 4 children and many adults. During an asthma attack the airways constrict, become inflamed and are lined with mucous, this causes wheezing, shortness of breath, cough and chest pain.

Food Allergies and the Immune System

Food allergy is an abnormal response to any food triggered by your body's immune system. The best way to treat this allergy is through prevention.

Is It An Allergy, or Is It A Cold?

As with most issues in life which affect our health, obviously the better you have taken care of yourself on a daily basis, the fewer problems you should have with other issues, such as allergies. So, in my opinion, the standard advice applies here, too. Eat your veggies, take your vitamins, exercis

Effects of Lifestyle and Exercise Changes on Asthma

We seem to be focused on medication for the treatment of asthma, and shy away from changes in diet and lifestyle. Some even warn children against exercise as a possible asthma trigger. However research shows that exercise can have beneficial effects for asthma, and kids should not be kept off of the

Asthma Diary - Use it to Record Your Asthma

Keeping an asthma diary puts the state of your health firmly in your own hands and you can keep it there with a dedicated record of your asthma. It's going to empower you more than you think.

Allergy Shots

A look at how allergy shots work and who should consider getting them.

Allergies Are Reducing My Energy and Making Me Feel Tired

Several years ago I had a constant allergies problems. One problem was that my allergies were reducing my energy and making me feel tired. Also, I had a constant runny nose. Then I discovered two solutions which solved my problem.