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1930s Women's Costumes

In the 1930s, women's fashion emphasized the female shape. Waists are tucked in and busts are shown to be more rounded than they were in 1920s designs. Madame Madeleine Vionnet invented the bias-cut style in the 1930s, which allowed designs to become more streamlined. While day wear of...

Five Cheap Wedding Ideas for Wedding Locations

There are plentiful creative ways to implement cheap wedding ideas without foregoing what is most important to you. Choosing the wedding scene is the first step in planning a wedding.

Checklist of Wedding Gifts

If your wedding is coming up, help people select the right gifts by creating a gift registry at one or more stores. Use a checklist to ensure that you select all of the items you will need to set up your new home. Include items in a variety of price ranges so all your guests can find something they

One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Favors For Your One-Of-A-Kind Wedding

People will definitely remember your wedding if it was celebrated with lots of fun, enjoyment, and of course creativity. A creative wedding makes a one-of-a kind moment that is very special to the bride and groom. When planning a one-of-a-kind wedding, of course, you want to include unique and creat

High Tea Party Menu Ideas

A high tea menu contains sweets and breads that complement the tea. Besides brewing a pot of English evening tea for the guests, have a pot of hot water and an English tea sampler with flavors such as Earl Gray and cinnamon on hand to make sure everyone has a flavor they will enjoy.

Handy Manny Games

Games can add excitement to any party.birthday party image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.comHandy Manny games can add excitement to any child’s party. Decorate your party with a Handy Manny banner, favor boxes and streamers and create your own toolbox centerpiece. A variety of...

How Beautiful Is The Casual Wedding Gowns

More couples are hoping to have easy wedding ceremonies than before. Wearing a casual wedding dress doesn’t mean that you will look normal. On the contrary you will still look fabulous wearing a casual wedding gown. Let’s take a look at the new trend of informal bridal gowns.

Protect Your Wedding Memories With Foresight

Getting married is a huge step in a life that does not allow for mistakes without consequences. If you have set a date and are ready to get married, chances are, you have thought it through and are ready to take the plunge.

10 Tips in Having the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Your wedding can be the most important day of your life. And when that day comes, you want to capture every moment of it in the most wonderful and extravagant way possible. You will have to hire a wedding photographer that would take pictures to every special moment there is in your wedding.

Lace Wedding Dresses: Add a Touch of Femininity to Your Wedding Day Look

Want to look ultra feminine and romantic on your wedding day? Then all you need is to look for lace wedding dresses. Whether the entire dress is made of lace or just small portions, it's a classic look that never goes out of style. Find out how to find your perfect lace wedding dress.

Cookie Decorating Ideas for a Wedding Shower

Cookies are the perfect wedding shower dessert because guests can eat them while mingling. Frosting cookies can be challenging, so buy a frosting piping bag and make cookies with smooth surfaces such as shortbread or sugar cookies. Cookie cutters will also make your treats look as if they were made

How To Avoid Divorce And Get Your Marriage Healthy Again

When a marriage reaches crisis point, it doesn't take much to tip it over the edge. In this article, I show you the immediate actions you should take to avoid this from happening in your relationship. This includes, giving each other space, why some self analysis is a must, being open with each

Wedding Cake Alternatives

The tiered white wedding cake became a tradition after Queen Victoria's wedding, with elaborate decoration made in icing on a very English fruit cake. Many modern weddings still follow this t

Equipment Needed in a Catering Industry

Having the proper equipment for your catering business will benefit your bottom line, increase productivity and allow for safe and efficient preparation and presentation at your events. While there are standard pieces of equipment every caterer will need, some caterers will require specialty equipme

Looking Stylish With Rhinestone Wedding Headbands

Just about every bride-to-be has got the same exact varieties of problems relating to preparation for that wedding day. Often, they will stress if all the things will be set in a timely manner and ...

Asian Bridal Wear

A wedding is the most important event in an Asian brides life. It is more than a dream. An Asian bride will always be looking forward to this day. This does not mean that they are dying to leave their parents home, but it is a beginning of a new life.

Family Reunion Ideas in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

The grandfather and grandson image by Aliaksandr Zabudzko from Fotolia.comThe key to a successful family reunion in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania is to know your family. Are they outdoorsy, potluck types who won't mind a few bugs? Or perhaps they'd rather pay for a place where...

How to Decorate With a Wingback Chair and an Ottoman

A wingback chair gets its name from its specific design structure. Such a chair has wings that rise up from the arms, along either side of the chair's back rest. Wingback chairs debuted in the 1700s, gaining popularity because they could shield the sitter from drafts common in houses of the period o