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How to Re-establish Relationship Trust

If love is the basis for a relationship, trust can be thought of as the glue that holds it together. Trust can be lost in a relationship because of broken agreements, lack of communication or a simple misunderstanding. The couple can take positive action to re-establish trust in the relationship th

The DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again

I received an email from our DJ informing us that he'll be spinning at a local lounge on the weekend and asked us to swing by if we had a chance.

Monster Jam Birthday Party Ideas

Does your child love to watch Monster Jam?If they have a birthday coming up, and want a Monster Jam birthday party, here are some great ideas to get the party going.

How Many Dates Should I Wait Until I Have Sex?

Dear friend, are you dating a great guy who's everything you're hoping for? Has he suggested or tried to get more intimate with you? Do you feel conflicted between waiting for sex and just going for it?

Responding to Paternity Fraud

Many men rejoice upon learning that they have become fathers for the first time. Unfortunately, some of these men may be misled into thinking that this is the case when, in fact, it is not. Paternity fraud occurs when a woman leads a man to believe he is the father of a child when, in fact, he is no

Have a Psychedelic Time With a Disco Party

Is there anything better than disco tunes? Whether you love to cut a rug or prefer to remain seated when the music gets going at a party, there's no denying that that songs from the 70s are some of the most beat-friendly sounds.

A "House-Husband's" Day at Home

Recently, my wife and I swapped roles for the week--I was at home with my girls on the school holidays and doing the housework... unlike most men, I've long yearned to get more opportunities to be house-husband.Now here was another chance!

Fool Proof Tips To Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend

Break-ups can render you weak and fragile. It can break you down mentally and emotionally to the point where you can no longer decide if you are doing the right things or not. You should then be caref

Dating Tips for Women to Ensure a Second Date

Online dating is a tricky business, especially if your date is a millionaire match or sugardaddie. Now, at some areas, millionaire dating can be considered safe since the both of you communicate mostl

How To Save A Relationship - Stop The Rot

Every single couple live together or get married expecting to stay in love and be blissfully thrilled to be together for ever.That the theory but then real life kicks in. You start to forget how speci

Long Distance Relationships - Can They Really Work?

Having been a previous member of the 'long distance relationship club' myself and currently living a long distance relationship vicariously through my best friend it made me wonder - can long distance relationships really work? My personal experience with long distance relationships was mo

Using Free Date Sites The Easier Way

Totally free date sites will ensure you meet your soul mate in the simplest way. This is because you don't have to spend a single cent to join. You will find lots of interesting features that