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Doing the C-Stroke

You never can learn too much about your craft. Even if you have been painting for years, there still may be things that you may not know.It might even be that you are familiar with the different strokes, but do not really know how to do them.

Abstract Art of Indian Artists

Abstract art is completely non-objective or non-representational. Abstract art is one without a recognisable subject, one which doesn't relate to anything external or try to "look like" something. Instead the colour and form (and often the materials and support) are the subject of the

What Is the Best Alternative to the Original

Fine artwork is uncommon and expensive; not all of us can obtain artworks by the masters, due to this, people nowadays have find out methods to reproduce these artworks with as much dexterity as possible, ...

Inject Excitement into Any Charity Fundraiser

Charity fundraisers need to have a hook or angle that gets people to open their wallets. A party filled with great lighting, exciting entertainment, and delicious food is the perfect way to host a fun

Open an account on Ihlet and receive 4 Months Free!

What is Ihlet? Ihlet is an e-commerce platform that focuses on delivering high quality products in the pop-culture market such as urban clothing, lowbrow artwork, vinyl toys, graffiti street art, fine digital paintings, and photography. ...

Ecover Software - Should You Use This?

Making money nowadays can be easier especially if you go online. You can make advertisements of your products so that many people can see the product. If many people will get interested in your product, then you can increase the chance of selling the product.

Contemporary Art in London

There has always been a massive variety of artistic creations through history, and today too there is no shortage of aesthetic expression. Artistic productions, such as those available at Eva Hamilton's eva art website have served as new brands or types of art in this contemporary period. In vi

Candy Buffet Used Widely for Wedding Favours

A wedding candy buffet Melbourne is a great way to add special touch to ones special day, when thinking of making ones wedding favors Melbourne innovative, unforgettable and completely fun filled. Melbourne presents the wedding ...

Paintings Online

In the past, when it came to buying art, the high street was definitely the place to get artwork. People would have to drive into town, battling traffic and finding ° spot in their schedule ...

Tattoos That Begin With A and Their Meanings

Letter A Tattoos and Their Meanings Acorn Tattoos are popular in terms of the nut category it's associated with but uncommon in the mainstream of art. This tiny seed of the oak tree largely represents ...

Have You Collected a Masterwork or a Great Maybe?

I talk a lot about the documentation of art. The importance of finding in the cited literature the very piece of art you are interested in collecting. When collecting masterworks, aside from the art itself, it is the most important aspect of collecting. It is the difference between collecting a grea

Artist Jasper Johns - An American Original

Jasper Johns, born in 1930, grew up in a small town in South Carolina. He wanted to be an artist all his life, not so much because he loved art, but rather because it meant that he could have a bigger and better life. He once said "...I really didn't know what [being an artist] meant. I th

What Are We Doing to Arts Education?

"The Arts" and "Culture". These are two terms that are thrown around in today's society, but what have they really come to mean? Have what were once profound and highly developed concepts recently been pushed towards obsolete, or worse, a mere tool for other endeavors?