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Zarine Khan Plays Salmans Love Interest In Veer

Veer will see the debut of two actresses, Lisa Lazarus and the much talked about Katrina look alike Zarine Khan. Will Zarine shine and make a career out of this, or will she fade away like Sneha Ullal?

Two and a Half Men Seasons 1-6 DVD Box Set

Two and a Half Men is a comedy which has attracted many viewers since it premiered in 2003. The show is about a little family that consists of two men and a child who are opposites but nevertheless make a great team, and one which manages to make the viewers laugh.

Gossip Girl Episode 16 Recap - "All About My Brother"

In All About My Brother, a gossip wars flares between Blair and Jenny as each tries to outdo the other with ridiculous and embarrassing half truths. While the gossip war between the two may provide entertainment, it really acts as fuel to the fire when it leads to the revelation of two out of three

The Brothers Warner - Movie Review

Using archival footage and clips from cinema classics, filmmaker Cass Warner Sperling profiles the Brothers Warner, her grandfather and his siblings, who founded Warner Bros. Studios and were among the original and most influential Hollywood movie moguls.

21 Grams

One will lose 21 grams when he dies - that is how much one's soul weights. The three main characters each have 'past', 'present', and 'future' story threads, which are shown as non-linear fragments that punctuate elements of the overall story, all imminently coming

Lost TV Series - Season 2 Review

The end of season one of Lost left us looking into the interior of the hatch which had been blown open with the use of some explosives which had been found inside a wrecked ship on the island. It turns out that inside the hatch is a research station which has electricity and running water.

Jack Reacher Movie Review

Jack Reacher was a movie that I was looking forward to see. I had enjoyed the trailer and having heard the outcry from Jack Reacher fans around the world about the lack of size Tom Cruise possessed to pull off the 6'6 character from the books. I had never read any of the Jack Reacher novels so

Ricky Gervais's Special Friend

Are you a fan of Karl Pilkington, Ricky Gervais or Steve Merchant? Maybe you're a fan of all of them. Well if so read on.

The Holiday

The perfect film for a quiet night in with the girls. Will it be a snuggle by the fire? Or a hot chocolate and marshmallow night? A night in near Christmas is just perfect for me. Jude Law, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet...

Amazing Spider-Man

With the imminent launch of the sequel, I feel like now is the perfect time to talk about the first entry of the Amazing Spider-Man trilogy. Reboots for franchises aren't really necessary but the argument here is that director Marc Webb (no pun intended) wanted to bring something we've nev

The MLB Plot Thickens on Satellite TV Networks

There are people who believe baseball is just a game; then there are baseball fans. Can you imagine losing sleep over a game you cannot control? Or joyously celebrating a championship for weeks, or months? ...

In the Mood For Love - Wong Kar-Wai

This fantastic movie, released in 2000, is Wong Kar-Wai's most successful work to date. Elegant, subtle, beautiful, a poetic tale of suppressed feelings, forced to bow down to peer-pressure. Masterful storytelling, accompanied by a vivid and inspired photography, expressive costumes and poignan

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" - A New Film Report

Do you like slapstick films? How about an old world film that's filled with crazy antics... or a nostalgic glance back at the way hotels operated in grand fashion? Or what about a farce: earnestly evoking quasi-tears in your eyes, sometimes? Well, Wes Anderson's new film, "The Grand B

Memento - Confusing People Since 2000

Every aspect of Memento is a puzzle and a challenge; including the story, characters, and even the DVD box-set. If there was ever a movie that justifies (requires) a second or third visit, this is it. Not that anything becomes any clearer or easier to understand with additional viewings, however tha