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How to Customize an Accordion Flex

Flex Builder is Adobe's solution to data-driven Web development. Using XML, ActionScript and the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite, a Web developer can both design and develop rich Web applications. The Adobe Flex library comes with built-in components. One of those components is the Accordion. The A

5 Tips To Choosing The Best Online Piano Course

With so many online piano course available nowadays, how do you know which is the right one to choose from? Read this article to learn how to pick the best online course possible.

Improvisational Guitar Solo Techniques

Improvisation is an important skill for any guitarist to learn. The ability to solo over any chord progression at any time with minimal planning will help you immensely when playing with other musicians. With a few tips, techniques and a lot of practice, any guitarist can learn the basics of improvi

Music Can Even Change Your Mood

Each and everyone have some dreams about their life and they always try to make that dream to be remembered throughout our life. One such dream that is very special for all is the wedding. It is the auspicious day for all and to make it remembered we make it very special.

Ditty Bops

Los Angeles-based duo the Ditty Bops is one of the most innovative nostalgic bands in contemporary folk music, marrying ragtime, western swing, folk, jazz and vaudeville with live puppet shows and other tools of fun, not to mention great music.

What Are Some Tips on How To Play Guitar Really Fast

Do you wish to learn how to play guitar really fast? Remember that you'll find no secret strategies or tactics to accomplish it. No magic tricks here, sorry. You need to have strong talent in ...

Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: How to Be a Better Singer

Many people sing for personal enjoyment and want to know how to improve their singing. Still others sing as their vocation and find themselves struggling at times to create the sounds they want and want to sing better. There are some key things one can do to improve their singing voice regardless of

Buy Music Tracks - Download Your Favorite Music Tracks

These days it is very easy to buy music tracks online. It is also easy to look for free music online. There are thousands of sites where you can download free music and there are also thousands of sites where you have to pay to download the music. You will discover why it is important to stay away f

How to Make Drum Crafts

Explore rhythm, beats, music and creativity with homemade drum crafts. Drum crafts are ideal to make with children, as the craft-making process allows them to express their creativity, hone fine motor skills and develop language skills, while the completed drums allow children to create their own mu

How to Achieve a Nashville Snare Drum Sound

Occasionally I'll come across a recording technique that I must pass on to the rest of the world. The following happens to be one of them.

It's a pretty neat technique that I would never have dreamed of doing, but it's quite effective.

And incidentally, it was s

Hip Hop Remixes Your Mama Should Know About

Hip hop remixes are songs that a DJ has redone in their own style. It's a great way to download and listen to some of the hottest artists hits in the rap game today. Here's a list of where to find the best albums, videos and hip hop remixes online.

Identifying the Talent

The artist who selects and plays music during an event is called Disc Jockey or DJ. The artists of DJ hire, Melbourne are well known for their selection of songs and music mix that are exclusive for e

Bob Dylan in Books: A Review of Sam Shepard's “Rolling Thunder Logbook”

When Bob Dylan embarked on the Rolling Thunder Revue in 1975, playwright and actor Sam Shepard was commissioned to write the script for what would later become Dylan's 1978 four-hour film, Renaldo and Clara. But Shepard went a step further, in 1977 publishing a book of prose capturing of this e