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LG KF510: Exploring The Device

LG electronics has launched a new sleek and slider model called LG KF510. This phone features some useful functions and the look would rightly match your personality. The launch of this phone was with great ...

How to Install a Wall Mount CRT TV

Mounting a TV to a wall creates extra floor space. Attaching a cathode ray tube TV to a wall requires a securely connected mounting assembly and a sturdy wall. Wall mounts are two-piece assemblies; one that connects to the wall and another that connects to the back of the TV. This allows the CRT TV

How to Change Characters on "Scooby-Doo! First Frights"

"Scooby-Doo! First Frights" is available for three different gaming systems, but the controls for changing characters are similar for all systems. You only have two characters to choose from during your first run through the levels, but after you beat them, you can play the levels again in

How to Repair a Sony Trinitron KV-35V35

You can fix your television and save money, even if it's a Sony Trinitron. One of Sony's biggest product lines is the home electronics category. The Sony Trinitron KV-35V35 is a 35-inch tube, standard-definition television made in 1996. It was designed for ease of use, and many problems can be repai

How to Register a Handset to the Main Base Unit Uniden TRU 9280 Phone

The TRU 9280 phone from Uniden is a type of cordless home telephone system with a main base unit and multiple hand set receivers. Before you use your TRU 9280 for the first time, you have to "Register" your hand set with the base receiver so that the two devices know that they're supposed to be comm

How to Mount a Flat Panel TV in a Corner

Mounting a flat-panel TV in the corner of your room saves a lot of space. By not having a TV stand on the floor, you have more available floor space. The most important thing to remember when mounting a flat-panel TV is to pay attention to details. Most wall mounts are similar to hanging a bathroom

How to Hard Reset a Microsoft Zune

If you own a personal audio player such as a Microsoft Zune, from time to time the hard drive may become excessively cluttered and slow, or might cease to function altogether. This can turn your fun, portable personal audio jukebox into a lump of metal. If this has happened to your Zune, performing

How to Troubleshoot SIM Cards in Quickfire Phones

All GSM-based cell phones use a SIM card to access wireless networks. The SIM card houses important data pertaining to contact information, text messages and often voice recordings. This holds true for AT&T Quickfire cell phones. Troubleshoot the SIM card if it is not functioning correctly, as you w

How to Fix Buzzing Speakers in the Car

Car speakers produce sound by vibrating, or "buzzing," and when operating properly the buzz in not audible. If the buzzing is elevated to a level where it can be heard, especially over the sound of the stereo, it is usually an indication of damage to the speaker membrane. If the membrane, the paper

How to Get a Stronger TV Signal

You hear advertisements for crystal clear, lifelike TV reception, but your TV set doesn't seem to get it. If your TV doesn't seem to be getting the strongest signal it can, there can be a number of reasons why and numerous options you can try to fix it. The most important issue is what type of TV se

How to Strengthen a Motorola Cell Phone Signal

Many different factors can disrupt a cell phone signal. When living in a large city, buildings, traffic and other electronic devices can interfere with reception. In a rural area, the problem could be how far away you are from a signal tower. You can find the perfect product for amplifying your Moto

Specifications of HDMI 1.3

High-definition multimedia interface, also known as "HDMI," is the standard in the high-definition television (HDTV) industry. A group of key electronic manufacturers that includes Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba, Philips, Silicon Image, Matsushita and Thomson created HDMI. Major movie producers...

How to Download Themes Into a BlackBerry

If you have had your Blackberry for any length of time, chances are you have grown weary of looking at the same tired themes. A great variety of themes, both free and for sale, are available on the Internet. The easiest way to get these themes on your Blackberry is an Over The Air (OTA) download; ho