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How to Make Great Pancakes

Pancakes are known by different names around the country and around the world. In the U.S., these thin, round cakes are known by such names as flapjacks, hotcakes and griddlecakes, while in other countries they are called crepes (France), crumpets (United Kingdom) and blintzes (Russia). Although som

How to Dress a Salmon

The buttery yet sweet taste of fresh salmon is incomparable to frozen or store-bought fish. Whether you caught it yourself or received a thoughtful gift, a whole salmon makes a delicious meal. However, you do have to clean the fish before you can eat it. Filleting or dressing a fish means that you r

Some European Dishes To Try Out

Not many people play along well when it comes to experimenting with food. We all have our own stereotypes, a mental picture of how it's supposed to be, and food is the last thing most of us w

Blueberry Puffs: It Ain't Rocket Science

I whipped up these blueberry puffs the other night with what I had in the freezer in 30 minutes - most of that time spent watching TV. Serves 2.

Easter Bunny Cake Mold Recipe

This recipe was translated from Polish on Inmet's Easter bunny cake mold box. It is perfect for a 9-inch high rabbit mold.

Choose the Right Steak for a Finger Licking Experience

The yearning for a good meat always drives you, no sooner the name steak hits your ear, your taste buds pamper. To find out more about the best Steakhouse in Midlothian VA, this article will be the ke

Easy Substitute for a Pizza Stone

Making crisp-crusted homemade pizza in a traditional kitchen oven is challenging. Pizza stones sold at kitchenware and gourmet cookware stores make it easier for bakers to achieve that crispness. The same effect is easily attainable using less expensive and readily available tile sold at home improv

How to Make Latin Kneaded Bread

There are many Latin kneaded breads, however one of the most popular is chipa. This bread is best known in Paraguay, with some variation in the recipe between regions. The one ingredient that is constant, throughout, is the yuca starch (or tapioca or cassava starch). If you can't find these starches

Home Water Filters - Consider An Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis works by forcing water through a membrane, but retains the particulate on one side and flushes the pure water through to the other side. The pressure applied must be greater that the normal osmotic pressure that might draw tea out of a teabag.

An Antipasto Misto

An Antipasto Misto, at the Ristorante Agnoletti in San Godenzo

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

On an especially busy night, look to these five recipe ideas for a healthy and quick meal, ready in under 30 minutes.

What Are the Dangers of Sweet Candy?

Everyone loves sweet candy, but if consumed in excess it can lead to multiple health dangers.boy eating lollipop image by sonya etchison from Fotolia.comCandy, like all things taken in excess, can be dangerous to your health if not moderated. The culprit lurking behind the danger of candy...

How to Buy Frozen Lobster Tails

A lobster dinner is usually reserved for a special occasion, especially since its price is generally higher than that of other seafood items. Before preparing an exquisite lobster dinner, you need the proper ingredients. Poorly chosen lobster tails can set your meal up for a culinary disaster. Thoro

Salted Chocolate Peanut Brittle

Salted Chocolate Peanut Brittle is a delicious twist on old-fashioned peanut brittle. The familiar nutty, crunchy treat is coated with a layer of chocolate and a hefty pinch of flaked sea salt.

How to Make Baking Cups

Baking cups for muffins and cupcakes can be fashioned from parchment paper, which is available in grocery stores. These paper containers will protect your baked goods from burning or sticking to the pan while in the oven, and make them easier to remove from the pan. Whip up some tasty muffins for an

The Cabbage Is Directed Onto the Conveyor

The Fremont Company in Fremont, Ohio, is one of the largest sauerkraut manufacturers in the United States, selling under the names Frank's Sauerkraut in the Midwest, Snow Floss Sauerkraut on the East Coast, and Deutsche Kuche Sauerkraut in Aldi stores nationwide.

How to Remove Salt from Cooking

Salt is a common household seasoning and element in processing many convenience and pre-prepared foods and ingredients. Almost all Americans consume quite a bit more than they need, according to the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005. The USDA warns that high salt intake can raise blood pres