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How to Print Back-to-Back Pages With a Brother MFC 490CW

The Brother MFC 490CW is a multi-function printer, suitable for home and small business use. Used to copy and fax in addition to print, the 490CW has a feature that allows you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. While this feature is not automatically utilized on the printer, you may print b

How to Permanently Remove a Device Driver in Windows XP

Device drivers are software applications that hardware such as sound or video cards, printers or scanners use to perform functions on your computer. When you disconnect the hardware from your computer, the drivers remain on your computer system. By removing the device driver the hardware uses, you f

How to Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter

Microsoft Loopback Adapter works in conjunction with the Windows server system. The adapter creates a firewall to protect networks from unwanted Internet communication, provides host-to-guest internal networking and allows multiple machines to access the Internet through a single connection. The Mic

How to Restore the Appearance of Windows XP

Restoring default settings in the Windows XP operating system is not as difficult as it may at first seem. It is rather easy to do. All you need is basic computer literacy. Most of your settings within XP operating system, such as appearance, have a standard version. This is your default

How to Fix Your DVD Drive Without Reloading Windows XP

The DVD drive on your Windows XP computer functions by way of a driver file, which is a software unit designed to tell Windows XP how to use the DVD drive. While reloading your XP installation is one way to remove a corrupt driver file, another, faster way is to merely reinstall the driver manually

How to Change Vista Premium to Ultimate

Windows Vista comes in four versions, from minimum to maximum features: Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business and Vista Ultimate. Each version functions differently and caters to a different demographic of users. Windows Ultimate is the best version of the Windows Vista operating syst

Advantages of Virtual Memory Systems

Virtual memory is a memory management scheme that allows the execution of processes even without loading them into the main memory. Where there is virtual memory in use, there is no need to load the entire process into the expensive main memory.

Why Is Windows Explorer Running in the Background?

The Windows operating system has utilized Windows Explorer as its file navigation application since the release of Windows 95. It is an essential component of the operating system and runs at all times.

Importance of Process Selection in System Design

Operating systems are complex programs that simultaneously use your computer's hardware and run applications within them. Deciding how to design the processes for your operating system determines the major features of your system.

How to Reinstall USB Mouse Drivers in Ubuntu Using the Command Line

Ubuntu automatically detects and configures mouse and keyboard drivers to work with your system. However, some rare circumstances may require a complete reinstallation of these input device drivers to make them work properly. The system responsible for managing these input drivers is known as the

How do I Remove Login on Windows XP?

Windows XP allows multiple users to access their own data by creating login accounts, allotting privacy to users with separate logins and passwords. This feature can come in handy when several people use one computer because each person can customize his account by downloading programs, creating his

How to See What Programs Are Loading at Start Up

If you're using a Windows operating system, the best way to see what programs are loading automatically when your computer starts up is to view the Startup list in the Windows System Configuration Utility.

How to Repair a Corrupt Windows Registry

The computer registry acts as a sort of string that winds through your computer system and tells the programs how to interact with each other. A corrupt registry can cause erratic activity, such as programs not opening or closing properly, or Windows itself may not operate correctly. This can eventu

Window Privacy Options

Windows create a common privacy concern.stacked windows image by Jeffrey Sinnock from Fotolia.comWindows are a vital part of every home and office structure, making window privacy a common concern among home and business owners. No one wants neighbors or strangers peeking into their...

Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 Requirements

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 is a computer simulation game that mimics managing a theme park. Players can build roller coasters based on a variety of characteristics; later expansion packs include other rides as well. Players must also construct amenities beyond just rides to keep the park profitable a

How to Resolve My Not Genuine Copy of Windows XP

To battle software piracy, Microsoft has implemented multiple safeguards to validate and update genuine copies of the Windows operating system and other software. When activating Windows or attempting to download and install a system update, you may encounter the message "This copy of Windows is not

How to Use FPSE With Apache

If you try to run a Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE) script on an Apache server, you will encounter an error. The error occurs because Apache does not allow FPSE scripts to run. The FrontPage extensions kit is now (in 2011) very outdated and unsupported. FPSE only works on Windows Apache

How to Change the Windows Product Activation Key

When Service Pack 1 was released for Windows XP, Microsoft realized a large number of versions were pirated, so they altered future operating systems and upgrades so they would not work without a valid product activation key. This caused some who had been using pirated keys to purchase legitimate pr