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How to Use Puppy Linux to Partition a CF Card

CompactFlash is a hardware standard for removable storage devices. CF cards contain flash memory that retains its contents in the absence of power. You can insert a CF card while the computer is on; the operating system will recognize the new hardware and make its contents visible as one more file s

How to Increase Google Size on an iPod Touch

When using the iPod Touch with the "Safari" browser application, you can explore a variety of different webpages, including Google. If you find that the text and size of the web page is too small for you to view comfortably, use the zoom feature on the iPod Touch to increase the size of th

How to Stop a Gala Search

If your Internet searches are continually redirected to Search-gala.com, your computer is infected with a rogue anti-virus program called Windows Security Suite, also referred to as the Gala Search virus. In addition to redirecting your Internet searches, the malicious program launches fake security

How to Troubleshoot the Defragmenter

Disk Defragmenter is a program that comes installed in every version of the Windows operating system dating all the way back to Windows 95. Its job is to rearrange data on your computer's hard drive in such a way that your operating system can more easily access it. This will speed up your computer

How to Print on a Wireless Network Through a Second Router

Unbeknown to most people, it is possible to have more than one wireless network in the same location. This function is best suited for businesses with different levels of access -- some employees can network with a few computers, while some can network with others. It's no different to set up wirele

How to Remove a Power Mac G5 Optical Drive

Apple Computer made a major change in design of its tower computers with the introduction of the Power Macintosh G5 in 2003. One thing the company kept from older tower models was the ease of exchanging parts such as an optical drive. The Power Mac G5 gives you easy access to all of its internal com

192-168-2-1 Wireless Router IP Address - What is It?

The wireless router IP address is one of many IP addresses that are allocated by router Manufacturers. In this article we demystify what wireless router IP addresses are all about and how you can find and use it with your wireless router.

How to Convert AVI to DVD and Burn It on Mac OS

Most digital files are in the AVI format, or Audio-Video Interleave. While AVI is a great format for watching movies using different platforms, you can't burn an AVI format to a disc -- it needs to be in a DVD format. To burn an AVI file to a DVD disc on a Mac, you can convert the file to to the pro

How to Make an Antenna for a Laptop PC Card

Laptops can access the Internet using a Wi-Fi card that goes into a special slot on the computer. You can make a Wi-Fi antenna to attach to the Wi-Fi card and increase the strength and dependability of the Wi-Fi signal. You will need a few parts commonly found around the house and some supplies from

How to Store Macro for Use in Any Workbook

When creating macros in Excel, you are given three options as you record the macro. The first option lets you save the macro in the current workbook. This option works for the workbook that is open right now. The second option lets you save the macro in new workbooks. This means the macro will o

How to Change an Ink Cartridge for the Epson Stylus C40UX

The Epson Stylus C40UX is a color printer that is able to print images on photo paper. If you have been using your printer frequently, the ink cartridge indicator light may begin flashing, indicating that it is time to change your printer's ink. Changing the ink cartridge in the Epson Stylus C40UX s

How to Make a Skype Call Ring Louder

If you're missing Skype calls because you can't hear the ringtone, it's time to crank up the volume. There are three different ways to increase the ringtone: within the Skype client, within your operating system's volume settings and by adjusting your physical speakers or headset. You might find it

How to Troubleshoot the Brother HL 2140 Compact Laser Printer

The Brother HL 2140 may experience problems with its operation, causing it to stop operating or to produce less-than-satisfactory printouts. Rather than immediately taking the printer to a repair shop, troubleshoot the problems yourself. If paper jams inside the printer, the machine will cease opera

Blu-ray Disc

Blu-ray disc is the next generation of optical-disc that was developed by the BDA (Blu-ray-Disc-Association - a world leading consumer of personal computer, electronics and also media manufacturers such as Dell, Apple, HP, Hitachi, LG, ...

How to Install a Fan in a Mac Mini

The Mac Mini packs a lot of computer into a small amount of space. The design unfortunately includes a noisy fan that is inadequate for properly cooling the insides of the Mac Mini while it is being used. You can install a replacement fan purchased from a Mac supply store yourself, if you are willin

How to Upgrade the Memory on a Latitude CPI A366

The Dell Latitude CPi A366 is the 366 MHz model of the CPi A series of notebook computers. It comes standard with 64 MB of synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) memory, and can be upgraded to accommodate a total of 256 MB of RAM when you add a 128 MB module to each of the two available SO

How to Transfer a Tape to a DVD

VHS tapes are not only out-dated but can be damaged from dust and humidity. Once the tapes are damaged, the data contained on those tapes may be permanently lost, or the quality may be severely diminished. Transferring your VHS tapes to DVD is a great way to not only protect the quality and data con