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Tips For Cancer Free Cooking

The report proves that cancer prevention is not as difficult as many may believe. The research shows that only 5-10% of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetic defects, whereas the remaining 90-

How Many People Will Have Cancer in 2030?

Cancer incidence among minorities in the United States will double over the next two decades, from about 330,000 cases today to about 660,000 cases by the year 2030, a new study projects.

Resveratrol and Breast Cancer

One particular cancer frequently occurs with women: Breast cancer. Although breast cancer is closely associated with women, there have been accounts of men having breast cancer as well. The occurrence of breast cancer in women is 100% more likely than that of males however survival rates are equal f

Prostate Cancer Symptoms: Don't Push The Panic Button Just Yet

If you are experiencing prostate cancer symptoms, you may be at the point where you're looking up everything online, freaking out, and not sure what to do. But don't push the "panic button" just yet. There is always a good chance what you're experiencing has nothing to do wi

Food as Medicine – An Anti-Cancer Approach

In recent years nutritional medicine research has helped our understanding of the healing qualities of natural foods.  Diet does matter and many foods are actually “anti-cancer” foods in that they have compounds which act to ...

The Types of Lung Cancer

Learn more from WebMD about different types of lung cancers, their characteristics and prevalence.

To Survive Cancer of the Prostate - Why and How You MUST "Stay Open"

If one takes the time to investigate the most prevalent factor behind the many that have died from prostate cancer, one would find that it is "losing hope". No matter how effective the medication or treatment is that you take, if you lose hope because of prostate cancer diagnosis and progn

Don't Be Afraid Of Cancer And Take A Look At These Tips

Some cancers will hit you, even if you are doing everything right. Fight back by reading and applying the tips in the next few paragraphs. Immediately quit smoking if you discover that you have cancer. ...

How to Help When Your Family Member Has Cancer

When a family member is diagnosed with cancer, it can be scary and overwhelming. You may be angry that your life is changing and scared for the future. Stress and worry can take a toll on all family members. However, the person who needs your help the most is the one with cancer. Having your support

Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Cancer refers to numerous diseases that vary in complexity and affect numerous areas of the body. It develops as a result of abnormal cell growth and destroys healthy tissue within the body. Several risk factors ...

Innovative Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment

The good news about prostate cancer which differs from almost all other forms of tumor; is that it is generally slow to metastasize and with early detection, treatment and aftercare, there is a very good chance of containing the spread and hence; treating the underlying condition. When it comes to a