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How to Divide Income & Deductions Between the Decedent & the Estate

As the executor or administrator of an estate, one of your duties is to figure out how much income tax the decedent owed when he died and pay it from the estate funds. You also pay tax on income he received after his death, but the IRS treats this money separately, as income of the estate. You file

Don't Stop Getting Tax Deductions After April 15th

We scramble to get our taxes in on April 15th and then we take a breather till next year. This is the wrong way to go about things. In order to pay the least amount of taxes for your home based business or small business, you must stay on top of documentation in order to be ready to get the most tax

Public Information on IRS Tax Liens

Tax liens are filed publicly, usually in the property records of the county where the debtor lives. The liens give notice to creditors that there is a debt, and that the IRS lays claim to some of a debtor's property. The information on the liens includes the taxpayer's name, address and the amount o

Irs Tax DebtTop 5 Myths Cleared

A lot of people have heard a lot myth about the IRS tax payment but not many of them know the truth. Find out the top five myths about the IRS tax debt and get a clear picture about it.

Farm Tax Tips in Canada

Canadian farmers have to pay property and income tax.canadaAccording to BDO, hundreds of thousands of farms in Canada have combined annual cash receipts of more than CAD$36 billion. Both farm property tax and income tax apply to farmers in Canada. If your primary source of income comes...

How to Calculate Self-Employed Underwriting Income

If you're a self-employed underwriter and applying for a car loan, mortgage loan or lease, you may need to provide a statement of your current income to satisfy an underwriting department. While regular employees can produce pay stubs, self-employed persons have to rely upon business records, includ

Finding Legal Representation From Greenwich Ct Tax Lawyers

Regardless of what sort of lifestyle you may lead, ultimately everyone has to handle paying their taxes. Yet, if you are inexperienced with the procedure of how to file your taxes or you are experiencing issues while making your yearly payments, you might want to think about getting a hold of a Gree

How to Fill Out a W-2 Review

The state of Wisconsin provides benefits and services to parents with minors through the agency Wisconsin Works (W-2). The W-2 program is available to parents whose income is less than 115% of the federal poverty level. The program offers additional work experience and training for people who need h

History of the Income Tax Act

Taxes have long been a part of financing the federal government in the United States. However, general tariffs and excise taxes were used for the first century of the United States' existence. It wasn't until the Civil War that income taxes were introduced and the 20th century that they became a per

Is an MBA Education Tax Deductible for the Self-Employed?

In certain situations, self-employed people can deduct the cost of an MBA education by treating it as a business expense on Form 1040, Schedule C. It must be a career-related expense integral to the job at hand, rather than in preparation for an entirely new field. Provided that the pursuit of an MB

Business Tax Planning Strategies

Having good business tax planning strategies can help sustain the longevity of your company. The IRS is ever present, looking over your shoulder with its hand out to take your hard earned profits. However, effective ...

How to Avoid Common Tax Mistakes When Filing Yourself

The United States Tax code is 18,500 pages long. Despite all the potential for errors, resulting in refund delays or even audits by the IRS, many people opt to file their own taxes. If you're filing your own taxes, this article will show you how to avoid making the most common tax mistakes.

Can I Claim Education Expense if I File Married Separately?

The federal tax code provides several opportunities for college students to reduce their tax liability. With a combination of tax credits and tax deductions, independent students and the parents of dependent students can recover up to $2,500 in education expenses each year via these tax-saving progr

Have Tax Debt Problems? Get Irs Debt Assistance With Irs Professional Relief

If you have Tax Debt Problems that you cannot resolve on your own, you have to take into consideration getting IRS Specialized Relief or Tax Debt Assistance. To completely eliminate your Tax Debt Issues, you are going to need a knowledgeable IRS Tax Relief service that will be able to easily assist

How to Choose a Tax Representative

There are 4 categories of tax professionals who can legally represent you before the IRS and only 3 have unlimited rights, EAs, CPAs and attorneys. € EAs (Enrolled Agents). EAs are America's tax experts. To ...

Do You Have to File Taxes Every Year?

Oh no, it's tax time again! That statement runs through the mind of every U.S. Citizen just before April 15 of each year. The next thought for many is, do I really have to file or is there some sort of loophole I can use to get out of it? While it is in your best interest to file annually, the Inte