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What's on Your Blog? Widgetize That Sidebar For Fun and (Maybe) Profit

Regardless of the number of social media fads destined to launch and fold in the next decade, one thing remains clear: the blog will likely never go away. Once a popular platform for angst-filled personal journal entries and detailed political commentary not accessible in the traditional media, blog

The Benefits of Blogging for Business

You could easily Google "the benefits of blogging" and find "About 40,300,000 results"(0.22 seconds)" and learn plenty about why blogging is important, valuable and vital for your business, however this morning I was pondering on my role as a content writer and why exactly I

Blogging - Advertising For Free On The Internet

As computers became more popular blogging became a way for people to tell their stories. Tell about life experiences, about things that bugged them, things that made them happy, things that made them sad. It became a simple form of communication that anyone with a computer and an internet connection

Guest Blogging - There Is Power in Giving

Have you ever been a guest blogger? If you have, kudos! If you haven't, there is a whole world of opportunity that comes with guest blogging - Are you ready to discover it?

Blog Management - How to Work Interviews Into Your Blog

An interview is fairly straightforward: a conversation between the blogger and another party, generally about a topic of mutual interest to the blogger, the subject and the readers. In the world of blogging, there are generally three approaches to integrating an interview into a blog.

How to Start Blogging

Blogging saves money, time while also allowing transaction, commercial advertising and business administration. A blogger needs to know about Search Engine Optimization secrets and be able to use high demand keywords to attract relevant traffics.

How to Make a Tag Cloud of Your Blog

Tag clouds are a newer innovation that has found use mainly in the academic and professional world. These groupings of words, named for their shape, display the most ubiquitous terms from website text, allowing the viewer to quickly discern whether the longer text is useful to them. In this way, tag

How To Have Fun Making Money Online

Making money online is a dream of millions of would-be entrepreneurs worldwide, from those looking to making a living online to those just looking for a bit of help with the monthly budget. So how should most people seek to have fun making money online?

3 Ways A WordPress Manager Can Help Improve Your Online Productivity

A WordPress manager is basically a program that allows you to access and manage multiple blogs and even entire blog networks through a single central location. There are actually a lot of advantages to use this kind of a program and the possibilities to what you can do abound. One of the most visibl

Why a Blog May Not Be the Right Tool for You

It may sound counter-intuitive, as a blog evangelist, I actually recommend against using a blog. It is true, a blog is great for web publishing and content syndication. The thing is, it is not for everyone. Blogging allows you to get your content on the Web very easily, but you still have to set tha

Spam Comments and Wordpress

Bloggers using Wordpress have to constantly face spam comments. Here are some ways of tackling the problem of comment spam.

Limit Login Attempts And Lock Out Hackers

One way hackers will try to hack into a target website is by running a program that tries thousands of different passwords. A complicated password should defeat them, but you can make certain of this by detecting them at the source and locking them out. And on WordPress it is very easy to do.

Social Media & Blogs Are Broken

The Internet is the new game changer in every possible way for business and individuals, it's also a problem, because like the town you live in it brings out those looking to take advantage. Imagine a world with no law enforcement and I show you a day where everyone will try to take advantage,

What is a Blog and Do I Need One?

Blogging is the new wave of technology that is increasing profits and customer loyalty. Your business must use blogs to increase revenues.

Choosing A Niche For A Podcast

So you're thinking about starting a podcast... Have you chosen a niche? Find out how to pick the right niche (and why you need to).

Page Speed Optimization For WordPress

Though Google ranks websites according to over 200 different factors, they have recently announced that page speed will become a part of those factors. They do state that page speed will not carry a lot of weight in the rankings.