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Motorbike Tips For Beginners

Riding a motorbike can be a fun and enjoyable experience. For beginners there are many important steps you must take during the first few months on the road. Follow this guide to help you stay out of trouble.

Bikes Price Depends Very Much On The Bikes

Like everyone has its own expectations from the bike it buys or rather it is wishing to buys, the various companies that are manufacturing the bikes make sure that they are manufacturing the bikes at reasonable prices and with different features as well as in different styles.

How to Stop Quickly on a Motorcycle

All motorcyclists have to make quick stops every now and then, no matter how careful they are. Use the following guidelines to avoid skidding or running into an object ahead of you.

My 1995 Ford Ranger Has Hesitation & Poor Acceleration

The Ford Ranger, a compact pickup truck available with a manual or automatic transmission, was introduced in 1983. Edmunds.com contends that, although the Ranger cannot compare to larger pickup trucks, it is a "cheap and capable" option. Sometimes, the 1995 Ranger suffers from hesitation and acceler

Tune-Up Specifications for the 1964 Ford Falcon

Ford Motor Company first introduced the Ford Falcon to the public on October 3, 1959 with the 1960 model. The Falcon was sold until 1971 when the Ford Maverick took its place as an inexpensive family vehicle. The Ford Falcon was originally priced from $1,975 to $2,660 for the top of the...

Leather Vest - A Classic Accessory

You've probably had on, or have thought of putting on, a leather vest if you've ridden on a motorcycle with the cold breeze blowing on your cheeks. A leather vest on a motorcycle rider is as American as Old Glory. And it not only gives you that special appearance.

Rear Wheel

A shot of the 2012 Victory High-Ball's spoked 16 x 3.5 inch rear wheel, driven by a carbon fiber reinforced belt.

The Perils of Using Auction Houses to Buy and Sell Classic Motorcycles

Using large, well known auction houses to buy or sell your classic motorcycle can be a very hit or miss affair. If you have a classic motorcycle, or collection of classic motorcycles to sell, or you're looking to buy, what are the pitfalls of using such auction houses? Knowing these pitfalls, w

How to Identify Quadrajet Carbs

Quadrajet carburetors were used on all General Motors engines until the mid-1990s. They were durable and offered in many configurations to meet the fuel needs for a variety of engine sizes. Because of this, they are not readily interchangeable. For example, a Quadrajet designed to fuel a large V-8 e


A picture of the 2009 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Sportster motorcycle.

Buick Lucerne Super Performance Specifications

Buick introduced the Lucerne in 2006 as a large sedan. Replacing the best-selling LeSabre full-size sedan, the Lucerne proves to be a formidable contender in the luxury vehicle market with its sleek, roomy styling common among modern car designs. Still in its first generation, the Lucerne...

Green Electric Mopeds - Good For the Environment

Electric mopeds are mopeds that are not powered by a gas engine, but with a motor powered by electric batteries. Green Electric mopeds are powered by an electric motor and offer those who are environmentally conscience a good source of alternative transportation. Electric mopeds are great to have an

How to Remove a Baffle on Harley Script Mufflers

Harley script mufflers are mufflers that are engraved with either the Harley-Davidson brand name, or the motor company's Screaming Eagle brand name and logo. Numerous attempts have been made in recent years, particularly in California, to outlaw aftermarket motorcycle exhausts on the assumption tha

Opting For a Gas Powered Scooter Makes Sense

The gas powered scooter can be regarded as a powerful innovation of modern technology. A gas scooter not only is economical in terms of money spent on fuel but is also considered extremely environment friendly as there is very low amount of harmful emissions. Being sleek and stylish, these gas power

Motorcycle Tyre Codes

An important part of the information displayed on the sidewall of every motorcycle tyre is a code that gives details about, size, fit and use. Understanding this code is essential when choosing the co

Scooter Trikes- The Best Ride-on Toys

These days, ride-on toys are available in variety of models. Whether you go for scooter trikes, bikes, or wagons, it is vital to make sure that you decide on a model appropriate to the age of the child who will be using it. You should encourage your child to use a helmet and other protective apparel