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Art Projects for Spring

After a winter full of creating snowflakes and holiday themed art projects, spring brings with it not only a much needed thaw but an entirely new outlook on craft ideas. The sun shines, flowers bloom, animals give birth. Spring is full of excitement and growth that you can easily reflect in art.

How to Make a Tin Man Wind Chime

If you want a neat-looking wind chime for your yard, try styling it as that colorful character from "The Wizard of Oz" who doesn't have a heart. A Tin Man wind chime will assure that you'll have one of the best lawn ornaments in the neighborhood. You could easily buy one online, but why spend the mo

How to Make a Hula Skirt for Preschool

Make an adorable hula skirt for a preschooler's Halloween party or luau-themed celebration from some crepe paper. Make the costume accessory last for hours of pretend play afterwards by creating a ribbon waistband for a little bit of extra strength. You can make hula skirts for use at a preschooler'

Animal Scrapbooking Ideas

You can create animal scrapbooking pages to showcase pets as members of your family or to highlight a special outing to the zoo or the aquarium. Scrapbooking paper and cutters are available to help make these animal pages easy, fun and something your family will enjoy remembering for years to come.

How to Fold a Kusudama

The Kusudama is a form of Japanese paper origami and means "medicine ball". The ball model is usually formed by sewing individual pyramid-shaped pieces together, but there are also methods that include simply gluing pieces together. These origami balls have been used for potpourri and incense in Jap

How to Make a Candle

Candles can set the mood and make a romantic setting out of just about anywhere. If you love candles you can turn your passion into a fun hobby by making your own candles at home. Here are step by step instructions on making your very own votive candles.

Describe Toile Fabric

Toile, an abbreviated version of Toile de Jouy, refers to a repeated one-color pattern printed on a white or off-white background. The patterns generally depict complex and detailed scenes that range from pastoral or farming activity to children playing, dogs and flowers. Originally a drapery or uph

How to Bead Formal Dresses

Beading can make the difference between an ordinary dress and an extraordinary one. Bead formal dresses to add style to a simple dress or to make over an inexpensive find. Formal dress beading can be all over a dress or simply a delicate detail along a neckline, waistband or hem. The basic skills re

How to Make a Detective Costume

Detective costumes are classic Halloween or Murder Mystery attire. It's easy to make a detective costume for very little expense if you are willing to do some snooping around. With just a little legwork you may be surprised at what you uncover. Making a detective costume is a lot like solving a case

How to Print Images on Tea Cups

You can print images on teacups to personalize your favorite cups, or to give as gifts to your loved ones. Businesses might print images on teacups and coffee mugs and distribute them to customers and community members as a way of advertising. You could hire a professional printing company to print

DIY: House Signs

Homemade signs add a charming touch to home decor. These inexpensive signs are available at antique stores or flea markets, but often the sign doesn't have the wording that you want. Fortunately, it's easy to make a custom sign that matches your home décor. A rustic sign will add character to

How to Tell the Difference Between Aquamarine & Topaz

Aquamarine and topaz are strikingly similar and can be nearly impossible to tell apart. It is impossible to tell them apart with the naked eye, as both gemstones can be identical in coloration. They do, however, differ in both thermal conductivity and in the amount of light refraction they produce,

How to Find Model Number for a Singer Sewing Machine

The Singer company was founded in 1851 and is widely known for their sewing machines. The model numbers for each sewing machine are clearly posted in most machines, except for the earliest models. For the rare few that do not have model numbers printed on the machine, there is still a posted serial

DIY How to Make a Beaded Room Divider

Making the most out of the space you have in any room is a common aspect of the design process. Creating "zones" in a room allows you to utilize any size area for more than one purpose. Separating these zones can be done with a room divider. Made of wood, fabric or beads, these dividers ca

How to Make Dollhouse Candles

It is possible to make wax dollhouse candles in the same way you make regular dip candles, by repeatedly dipping a wick into hot wax. Yet, instead of a candlewick, use embroidery thread. While these look authentic, wax dollhouse candles are fragile. They can melt, should the dollhouse get warm or th

How to Learn the European Knitting Technique

There are two types of knitting: the European method or the continental method. With the European, or English, method, you hold the working yarn in the right hand. This method is also called the throwing method. Neither way is easier than the other, although once you learn one method, it becomes mo

How to Make a Hospital Delivery Gown

As an expectant mother in the hospital for delivery, no woman wants to wear the unflattering gowns provided by the facility. Your husband might have the video camera rolling, and there will certainly be pictures before and after the delivery itself that feature you in your gown. Why not make your ow