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How to Sync Notes & Tasks to an iPhone

The Apple iPhone uses the iTunes software to sync a variety of items, including music, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes and more. Notably missing from the list of sync options is a task list manager. While the iPhone does not include a default task list manager, a wide variety of free and paid

What is the Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft put an end to speculation when it announced the Microsoft Surface, a Microsoft-branded tablet computer running variants of their Windows operating system.

How to Activate a Net 10 Phone

Net 10 is a prepaid cellular telephone service that offers its subscribers local, long distance and roaming phone calls. The wireless provider uses the TracFone Wireless network to provide its service. Net 10 offers no contract cellular plans, no monthly fees, no security deposits or deactivation ch

How to Get Information on Music and Artwork

The digital generation has provided the world with a much more comprehensive layout for getting information on numerous topics. Music and its relative artwork are no different, as musicians and artists rely heavily on the Internet to reach new audiences. Obtain information on either of these topics

How to Sync iTunes With Your Nokia N95

The Nokia N95 is a slider cell phone produced by the Finnish communications corporation called Nokia. The N95 features a large screen display and other standard components of cell phones, such as capabilities for web browsing and media playing. If you want to enjoy your full music library from iTune

iPod Download Problems

The iPod music player attaches to a computer through a USB cable to sync or download music off the computer's hard drive. But there are a number of ongoing issues that can cause the video or audio files not to download properly or even download at all. These can render the iPod useless as a music pl

Favorite Halloween Fonts & Dingbats

If you're planning to throw a Halloween party, or go all out dressing up your house, you probably want to create your own invitations and decorations. In addition to Halloween clip art, you'll also need Halloween fonts and dingbats. Here are some of our favorites.

How to Save a Podcast to an iPhone

With thousands of podcasts in the iTunes Store, there's something for nearly everyone. There are podcasts for education, comedy, health, music, sports, business and technology, among others. You can use the Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE connection to download podcasts directly to your device. The time it takes

How to Find the Serial Number of a 3Gs

The Apple iPhone 3GS is the third-generation offering in the iPhone lineup; Apple released the phone in 2009. The 3Gs runs on Apple's iPhone operating system, the iOS, and offers a 3-megapixel camera, among other features. Users can get a summary of information relating to their devices in a number

How to Setup Your Mac to Share a Windows 7 Hosted Printer

Share Your Windows 7 Printer with Your Mac: The Mac and PC need to be in the same 'workgroup' for file sharing to work. Windows 7 uses a default workgroup name of WORKGROUP. Workgroup names aren't case sensitive, but Windows always uses the uppercase format, so we'll follow that

How to Downgrade an iPhone

Apple frequently updates its iPhone firmware in order to provide new features, improvements, bug fixes and security functions, and the company recommends that you always keep your iPhone up to date. Many people, however, seek not to upgrade their iPhone, but to downgrade it, primarily for the purpos

How to Protect iPod Contents From Erasing

If your iPod automatically syncs with the iTunes software, the audio and video files located on the portable players may be in danger whenever you sync your iPod with a computer other than your own. This can be rather irritating, especially if the files that are saved on the iPod have been deleted f

How to Download Music From PC iTunes to an iPod 1.0.3

The Apple iPod is a small, durable portable music player that has become the commonly recognized icon for portable personal digital audio. The player interfaces with a PC or Mac computer and Apple's proprietary Tunes software, which can be run from either model of computer. If you have an older iPod

How to Copy Games From an iPod to a Computer

One of the biggest features of the iPod is its portability. To make your iPod--and your purchases from the iTunes Store--even more portable, you can transfer your iTunes purchases--including games--to computers other than your home computer. This provides you another place for your purchases to be b

How to Use the Up Next Feature on iTunes

With the release of iTunes 11, Apple transformed the way users can shuffle through their music libraries. iTunes DJ was gone, replaced by Up Next. Here's how to use it.

How to Display Information on an iPod Nano

Because iPod Nanos are able to show a lot of different information, there are several different ways that you can display information on your iPod. iPod Nanos are interesting because the processes associated with displaying the information is as interesting as the information is itself. Much of the

How to Download Music to iPod From Media Player

While Windows Media Player is among the most popular computer programs and the iPod is among the best selling personal audio players, the two are not compatible. Your iPod cannot be synced directly to your Windows Media Player, but this does not mean that you cannot add Media Player songs to the dev

How to Get Rid of Music on the Sansa E250R

The Sansa e250R is a multimedia player that allows you to play and enjoy your favorite music on the go. You can customize playlists by categories including genre, artists and songs. It also includes a built-in radio that allows you to stream your favorite stations. Your player can run out of memory

How to Configure an iPhone With Hotmail

Apple iPhone users have many conveniences at their fingertips. Perhaps one of the more popular features is the ability to set up email notifications right on the home screen. The iPhone can alert users when new emails arrive in their Inbox, so they can stay connected even when they are away from the

How to Change Your iPhone's Charging Background

If you use an iPhone 4, the background that shows when you charge your device is the same as the one that shows when you lock the Phone, so set a photo as your lock screen to use it as your charging background. For iPhone 3G and 3Gs models, on the other hand, a single image acts as both the lock scr