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How to Get Your Kids to Love to Read Books

Literacy is typically described as the ability to read and write. It involves a continuum of learning. Literacy experience for children should begin at the time a toddler understand simple things. Develop their oral skills at early stage and let the children become more aware on all things around th

Outdoor and Indoor Fall Activities For Kids

Autumn is a beautiful time of year when we transition from the warm summer season to the chilly and often snowy winter season. There are a number of fun fall activities for kids that can be enjoyed this time of year, both indoor and outdoor.

Why Children Should Color

At one point in everyone's life they have sat down with a box of crayons and some paper and began to color. Some people may see this activity as something to have children perform to fill up time or as a fun activity. However, coloring is beneficial to children for many reasons. Here are some o

Summer School Success - 5 Steps to Acing Your Math Class

Half the students that retake the high school math class that they failed will fail it again. There are several simple things students can do to greatly improve their learning and their chances for success this time around.

Create a Study Room For Your Children

Teenagers are under so much pressure to do well in their exam results and get a great education. Competition for places in Univeristies is tougher then ever and providing your teenagers with a quiet p

The "Popular" People in High School Are Often the Most Troubled

In high school, "popular" people appear to have it all. With a wide network of friends, one would think that they are natural extraverts who are exceedingly comfortable with their personalities. However, my experience as both an outcast and a "popular" student led me to conclude

Lets Make This Semester at School Easier For Our Children and Us

Children are all off back to school and I'm sure there are a few people breathing a sign of relief at getting some peace and quiet. But along with getting their new clothes, pens and pencils and books, we also like to think of how we can help our children do better. The thing about school is th

Goal Setting for Youth: Ideas for Parents, Teachers, and Coaches

Teaching kids and teens how they can create their futures is a powerful and critical character building attribute. Goals education gives them the tools needed for designing a productive life, of benefit to themselves, their community, our country, and for future generations as well.

Choosing the Essential Clothes for Your Kids

Unlike your own wardrobe, where you update pieces when you get bored of them or you find they are ten years out of date, you will find yourself continually buying new clothes for your kids simply because they out grow them. If you are lucky enough to receive hand-me-downs or have older children, the

History of Robotic Toys

Early robotic toys were little more than what we call action figures today. They were most often shaped roughly like human beings except that their heads were square. Their arms and legs were hinged so that they could swing back and forth.

The Value of Animal Therapy In Teens

"He just got me," my daughter told me, sobbing, after our dog (McKinnley), a Miniature American Eskimo of sixteen years, passed away this past Summer. Little did I understand the therapeutic value our old family member had in the dynamics of our family until after he was gone.

Teen Career Planning - Help Your Teen To Start Early

Teens have to decide on the career that they want to pursue and their college major, not necessarily in that order. Deciding upon a college major is a difficult task by itself and takes time. Similarly, deciding upon a career path is a process that should start when the teen is still in high school

What You Fear Is What You Create

Ongoing anger, resentment, and jealousy can become a way of life, a permanent lens through which a young person views the world. This can lead to many other health issues including depression and drug dependence. Addressing these issues early and helping children find ways to manage and cope with th

Bratz Babies - What Are They?

Baby versions of the Bratz dolls are part of the fashionable line of dolls produced by the MGA group and are supposed to represent the four major Bratz characters in their childhood. Baby Bratz dolls are conceptualized as junior versions of the main Bratz characters of Cloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin.

Teenage Dating vs Courtship(Part 1 of 2)

Do not let the culture hoodwink you into believing that you should participate in sexual relations before marriage. The whole idea of dating and everything that goes with it is so much of a heavy-laden burden, and as a young girl, you should not have to endure this crazy emotional roller coaster rid

Party Planning Tips for Teen Parties

Thirteen is a "milestone" year. You will be lucky if your child will "let" you throw a party. Let your child select the party theme [http://www.partycostumeshop.com/] and the party's location. Remember, this party is for ...

Building Confidence: The Best Way to "Beat" a Bully

Bullying is a big issue in the life of teenagers and kids. Building confidence is one of the best ways to face the challenge of bullying, and this article talks about how to build confidence through martial arts and positive parenting reinforcement.