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House Training Puppies

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House training puppies is one of the most important things to do while the dog is a puppy.
The old saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is true for the fact that an older un-trained dog can literally be a nightmare to train.
Old dogs become conditioned to their behavior and it can be extremely difficult to alter.
It is important that you are consistent with house training a dog, as soon as you fall of a consistent pattern it is harder to get back the same progress you were making.
When house training puppies, it is important that you have a specific routine planned out for them.
Taking them for regular walks at the same time everyday is important for the dog.
Regular walks will make the dog aware of the times it gets to go out to do its business.
In house training puppies, it is also healthy for the dogs system to have regular relief times.
Reward the dog by praise or dog treats when it is obedient.
Doing this will show the dog positive reinforcement and let it know that you are happy with its actions.
If you are house training puppies, using newspaper on the floor is where to start.
While you train the puppy to go on the newspaper, slowly move it closer to a door way until you can remove the newspaper all together and the dog knows that outside is the place to go.
When the puppy relieves itself on the newspaper, be sure to clean it up right away and remove any trace so that it is fresh and clean.
As you are house training puppies it is crucial that you command them once and show them to obey.
Do not repeat the command over and over if the dog is not following you, this will cause confusion for the dog.
As soon as the dog follows your command, praise or reward with a treat to let them know that they did a good job and you are happy with them.
Follow these tips when house training puppies, it will make your experience a lot easier.
Be sure to be consistent as that is the most important part.
Have one person train the dog; having multiple people attempting to train can cause confusion for the dog.
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