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All you need to know about TOSLINK cables and HDMI cables

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TOSLINK are optical fibre cables from the company Toshiba Link. They have been around since 1983 and are still widely used today for connecting all sorts of digital audio devices, such as CD players, DVD players, computers, DAT recorders, MiniDisc and various video game consoles. Toslink cables are sometimes also known as €optical audio cables'. These can be purchased online or in store at technology shops from a variety of different retailers at affordable prices.

These types of cables carry the digital audio stream signal to an AV receiver in various audio equipment, which decodes it and allows it to be heard through loudspeakers. Without it, the devices would not work and the consumer would not be able to experience the audio sound, so they are very important.

HDMI cables are slightly different as they are for both audio and video signals. It transfers both of these digital signals at the same time in order for the user to see and hear the output on their device. This can be used for electronics such as LCD TVs, Plasmas, projectors and Surround Sound Processors that are compatible with this type of cable. Designed in late 2002 and produced in 2003, they are still widely used today and can be found in all sorts of retailers. There are various brands that offer these, such as Truesignal and Techlink, amongst many others. You can purchase these online or from an electronics store at affordable prices, so you do not need to spend too much in order to get the cables that you need. It is well worth looking around both outlets if you are hoping to save some extra pennies.

No matter what type of cable you are buying, make sure you find out whether your electronic device is compatible with it beforehand. The manuals may also tell you what sort of brand or specifications it requires, so it is important to follow these at all times. Both are for external use only and transfer digital signals to the output device, whether a loudspeaker or one on a television set. Without these, the devices would not work, which is why they are so important today.

Technology can be confusing to many people, as there are so many different electronic devices and the components and accessories to go with them that it can be a bit daunting at first. Once you get to grips with what each type of cable is for, it can be much easier to understand and work out which ones you need. There are always people on hand to help in store or by speaking to your electronic device's support line. They will be happy to help if you need further advice or information.

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