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College Survival: Living with a Roommate

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Your college roommate will play a great role in your college life. He may be your pal and a companion in all your gimmicks. He may be your study buddy. The proximity and the amount of time you spend together give you a lot of opportunity to be best friends. However, this time and proximity might work the other way around too. Instead of being best friends, you can be worst enemies, which would be difficult because you will be living in one room for most of your college life. Because of this, it is necessary to develop a good relationship with your college roommate.

One thing you can do to establish good relationship and communication with him is to make efforts to meet him before the first day of classes. Many schools assign dormitory rooms even before start of class and let students know who their roommates will be. Get his phone number and give him a call. Just let him know that you are glad that he is your roommate and that you are looking forward to meeting him soon.

Make friends with your roommates. Find out what interests you might share. I am sure that you share at least one or two that you can talk about. If there is really none, it does not really matter. Just respect each other's interest and do not judge them. Do not call them boring or whatever. Who knows, one day you might want to try one of his hobbies and enjoy it as well.

Talk and make rules between the two of you. It does not have to be a formal do's and don'ts that will be written on a piece of paper and stuck on your door. It might be difficult to come out with this list of rules but at least, it will save you the irritation later that can destroy your chance of friendship. Also, even if there is no rules, be considerate. Do not do things that will normally be irritating to people. Keep your things as orderly as possible.

Respect his space. You are in one room but, no matter how close you become, there is still an invisible line that divides what is yours and what is his. Put your things on your own cabinets and your garbage in the trash can. If he owns a table, do not act as if you can just put your things there too, except if you already had an understanding to that effect. If you need to bring some people to your room for school projects or whatever, tell him in advance. Do not expect that he will understand because he might not.

Tell him if he is doing something you do not like instead of harboring ill feelings because of his actions and habits. Irritation might just eat out of you and destroy your relationship. Also, you will not be able to address the problem if you do not tell him that there is one.
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