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How to Get a Girl to Like You! This Works Real Well Even If You Struggle At It Right Now

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You must have used trial and error techniques in catching the girls you like.
  You must have been successful than any other guys around you.
But getting a girl to like you takes more than good looks and smart outfits or having a good sense of humor.
Once you know the secret of the law of attracting girls or women, you will be able to attract any girl you like and get her to like you as well.
  Here are some tips you may find interesting..
Be Naturally Honest Being honest can't be learned and it can't be projected either.
If you are truly honest it will come out naturally in everything you do or say.
A girl will be able to spot a fake when she sees one and believe me she will be distracted when she feels you're pretending.
Be unpredictable and consistent about it For a movie or a story to be interesting, it has to have an unpredictable plot so that people won't take their eyes off it and will want to watch it or read the story until the end.
Being unpredictable and consistent here means you'll keep her guessing what you're going to do next and be around her just enough for her to like you.
  You have to do this with the right technique and intensity if you don't want it to end into a mere friendship.
Be A Friend Platonic relationships can lead to romantic relationships if she likes your company because you treat her with respect and be there for her when she needs you.
By showing her that your intentions are clean, she will eventually see that you're not doing it just to impress her but because you care for her deeply.
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