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10 Ineffective Marketing Tactics

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Do you come across marketing tactics that just make you shake your head? Well, here's just a random list of 10 annoying tactics that I've run across lately that make me do just that.
Hopefully you're not doing any of these because they just don't work and you'll end up alienating and turning people off if you are.
Including a personal message promoting your opportunity when requesting friends on Facebook or sending a message to your new 'friend' as soon as they accept, promoting your opportunity - Delete, Ignore!!! #2.
Participating on community forums and message boards SOLELY for the purpose of getting your link out there.
How can a person think this isn't blatantly obvious?! #3.
Creating a group on Facebook (or other) and spamming your group members' in-boxes with offer after offer.
That's a real good way to lose members FAST and if you don't lose them, at the very least they'll surely put you on 'ignore'.
Advertising a website that doesn't include a way to capture your website visitors' information.
'Bad-mouthing" other companies, people and using negativity in an attempt to attract people to your business.
Trying to "sell" and "convince" people to join your business.
On Twitter, sending tweets pretending to have a conversation with someone, re-tweeting something they didn't actually tweet, and/or DM'ing people who just followed you with your 'offer'.
Disguising your emails in an effort to 'trick' your recipients to open them - this is spamming 101.
Using 'cheesy advertising', 'hype', and making ridiculous income or product claims.
And #10.
Repeating the same message promoting your product or opportunity over and over and over on your twitter profile, Facebook status, etc.
What are they thinking???!!! Bottom line...
we're all in business to do business and there's nothing wrong with getting your message out via the various forms of media; however, there is a right way and a wrong way.
You will have Much More Success being authentic and genuine when networking or meeting others online so instead of thinking about what you can 'GET', first think about what you can 'GIVE'.
People listen to you because you have something worthwhile to say and not because you're spamming them with your 'offer'.
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