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Self Laminating Pouches for Your Classroom Needs

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There are three brands of self laminating pouches teachers can use for their classroom needs to showcase students' achievement throughout the year, especially at Parent Teacher Conferences. What is helpful about self laminating pouches is whether your school has a laminating machine or not, you can laminate items whenever you would like. The pouches are sealed on one side and open on the other three, making it easy to insert smaller documents of all kinds.

First, is Scotch 3M's brand of framed laminating pouches which are perfect for displaying award certificates and photos. Because the frame design is already set on the laminating pouch, once the document is sealed, it instantly looks professional. Student of the month or perfect attendance awards can be displayed using this pouch. And, since no machine is needed, you don't have to stand by a machine waiting for it to heat up.

Second, are Avery Self Adhesive Laminating Sheets which have grids with them to guide your trimming especially when laminating smaller items than standard 8x 11 paper. When laminating you should add at least 1/8 inch to the original paper size on the edges or else the document cannot be laminated. If there isn't extra laminating inches of the laminating sheet on the edges of your document you won't be able to seal the document properly. With Avery pouches, using the grid lines to measure exactly how many inches you need, you can create math formula cards, and flash cards. Then cut the remaining edges after laminating.

Finally, GBC's Self Seal Repositionable Self-Adhesive Pouches are a great option if you want to make sure that you display that award and student work perfectly. Often with pouches, you don't have the luxury of sealing and re-sealing them, but with GBC's brand you can do all of that. So if you see there are air bubbles when you first closed the pouch, open it and try again.

School teachers have responsibilities to create bulletin boards and various displays. Laminating Pouches make it easier for you to laminate documents of smaller sizes. If you are new to using a laminating machine, it can take a few takes to get it right and by all means learn how to use it for those larger poster size documents. Yet while you are learning, for smaller documents laminating pouches can be used in the meantime. They are user-friendly, display work professionally and will make your bulletin boards and displays shine bright!

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