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Is It Worth Buying Such a Purse

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There is no denying the fact that purses are playing an increasing important role in our daily life. Most people have a purse, and some may have two or even more. However, the problem is not how many purses we have, but how much we pay for them. The information I¡¯ve collected over last few weeks leads me to believe that a part of people will spend their salary on only a purse. This issue has caused a hot discussion. Should we spend our salary of a month on a purse? My answer is definitely no.

First of all, purses with customary quality are also durable. For one thing, purses are only used for holding money and credit cards rather than some heavy articles. For anther, purses are always in our bags, which are safer than outside. I bought a very cheap purse. Cheap as the purse was, it was durable. I had used it for nearly five years. Some people may hold the opinion that high quality with high price is reasonable. Thus, they believe it is worth spending their salary of a month on a purse. However, they fail to take into accoount the basic fact that all purses are durable. As far as I am concerned, it is no need to discuss whether a purse is of high quality or not.

Secondly, I insist tthat it is irrational to spend so much money on a purse. We need to buy fruits, vegetables, and those we really need. If buying a purse means that we have no money to buy other necessities, I think it is reasonless. We should buy those purses that we can afford. If we really love the purse, we can buy it when we save enough money, or when we have a lot of money.

From what have been discussed above, I can safely draw a conclusion that it is not worth spending our salary of a month on a purse. No matter how beautiful the purse is, how much we love it, we should take our life into consideration.You will get much cheaper price of Replica Designer Handbags [http://www.bagzer.com/] by shopping at this splendid website http://www.bagzer.com [http://www.bagzer.com/]. Please feel free to drop your comments on the post to let the author know your viewpoint.
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