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Save Money - Know Upsell & Downsell Techniques

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Internet Marketing Gurus have been investigating various techniques for generating the most conversions to their offers.
After split testing multiple sales funnels it is now obvious that all the major marketers are now not only offering one time offers as up-sells but also OTOs as down-sells.
Down-sell's are utilized anytime a visitor tries to leave the main sales page or the up-sell funnel.
So what does this mean? You receive an e-mail from an auto responder list that you have previously subscribed to or click a link on a marketer's site advertising a certain offer.
You arrive at the Guru Marketers site, as with any website sales page you have 2 courses of action, either you like the product & decide to buy, or you don't like the product or price & decide to leave.
This is where the one time offer down-sell comes into effect, as you attempt to leave the page a pop-up holds you on the sales page & offers the very same product you were viewing at a discounted price! This technique has proven very successful in converting visitors that were otherwise going to be lost; it can also be utilized by any shrewd visitor.
Instead of jumping in with both feet "Say No First" compare both offers.
If they are the same buy through the backdoor not the front door & save yourself some money.
If you like the product & make a purchase it is very likely that you are going to be presented with a OTO upsell, you will continue to receive additional upsells until you decline an offer.
Until recently upon declining an offer you would be directed to the checkout however there is a growing number of marketers that finish the selling process with one final down-sell re-offering the last upsell at a reduced cost.
Gambling on this last offer is risky but if its there will again save you money.
If you sell products online yourself, take this page from the marketing "Gurus" playbook, this down-sell technique works & is easy to implement yourself.
There are numerous exit popup scripts available even if you don't want to discount your product offer a free product or training through an exit pop up; these visitors were leaving anyway so any conversion or email lead is better than you were going to get.
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