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The Case of the Mysterious Decorative Promotional Mouse Mats

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It was a day like any other, she thought.
Blaise started out with a cold glass of V-8 and her usual Snickers bar.
Glancing up at the clock she realized she was running late and grabbed her hand-tooled leather Gucci backpack, her flea market find of the century, and headed for the door.
Just as she was about to hit the elevator button, she heard a familiar yowling sound that stopped her dead in her tracks.
Gretchen!How could she have forgotten about her?Probably had those darned decorative promotional mouse mats on the brain again.
It seemed to Blaise that ever since she had started this marketing business, she was consumed with making it work.
But forgetting Gretchen?Unforgivable!She hurried back into the apartment and was met with cold green eyes.
Scooping up the soft gray Tabby in her arms, she walked to the kitchen telling her what a pretty girl she was and how lucky she was to have her.
Gretchen seemed somewhat mollified with the compliments but began to purr in full force once the can opener made its whirring sound.
Ahhh!Another "cat"tastrophe avoided.
The now happy cat was last seen totally engrossed in her breakfast, the grievous offense of her owner long forgotten.
"Whew!That was a close one", Blaise thought.
Now, on to the business of making her first million with those decorative promotional mouse mats.
Blaise was hoping against hope that today, after reviewing her financial state of affairs, that she would be able to place a meager order for promotional mouse mats to be delivered to the office space she had managed to scrape together enough money to pay for three months rent.
It hadn't been easy getting the courage up to start this new venture, especially after her last attempt at making it in the world of self employment had left her broke as well as brokenhearted.
The latter part may have had something to do with the fact that her business partner and boyfriend of one year had run off with the tramp who had operated the hot dog cart that located itself conveniently at the corner where they passed every morning arriving for work.
Blaise had noticed the looks that had passed between the vendor and her significant other a few times, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever expect the two of them to make a harmless flirtation wreck her world.
Oh well, older and wiser now, she thought, although the older part was beginning to sting a little.
Unlocking the door of the office, Blaise was alarmed to see that a man was standing in the room with a startled look on his face to match her own.
Before she could get out a sound, he rushed past her and disappeared down the hallway.
Unfreezing from her state of shocked catatonic paralysis, Blaise managed to make her feet take her toward a chair and sat down.
Now that her eyes could focus, she looked about the room in disbelief.
Decorativepromotional mouse mats!Boxes and boxes of them stacked one upon the other.
In the corner, on the ratty old leather sofa (another not so golden flea market find), under her desk.
Where had they all come from and from whom?Had the intruder brought them with him?Blaise had never been one to put much stock in miracles, but at this moment, she was fast becoming a born again believer.
This was an answer to a poor girl's prayers!She could hardly wait to get started turning this sudden and mysterious windfall into a stepping stone to her successful future.
Maybe this wasn't going to be just a day like any other after all, thought Blaise.
Smiling and suddenly hungry, she picked up her backpack and headed for the hot dog stand.
She had noticed a new, cute guy behind the cart today.
She was feeling lucky.
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