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Sales Skills to Help Increase You"re Numbers

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You may have read the first guide that talked about skills that you can develop and apply to any sales position in any industry whether that is scam and fraud conference providers or selling internet services.
This second part to the guide will give you some more ideas that you can implement and give a boost to your sales numbers.
In this current economic climate it is important to maximise contacts and opportunities as there are more people competing for the same business and it can make a huge difference to the cash flow of a business to score vital contracts.
That said to get these contracts for a company you are selling for, for example tickets to the latest scam awareness seminar, you will need to increase your game.
By putting in an extra 10% it can make all the difference, just think about how many more potential clients you would contact just by doing a little bit more, that extra one or two calls per day may just make the difference in securing valuable sales for the business and increasing your credentials.
Another point to make with it being difficult to obtain new customers presently look to maximise returns from your existing customer base and previous customers.
If you followed the advice previously of being genuine and professional each and every day then it will pay dividends now when you look for repeat business and referrals from previous customers.
Have a plan set in stone for reconnecting with previous customers, possible every month or three months you will contact them to catch up with them and if not land a repeat sale hopefully a referral that leads to picking up a new client for the next fraud scheme awareness seminar.
Keep on top of your game.
The customer is king.
When dealing with a customer ensure you are professional and act in a way that is best for the customer.
You need to learn about your customers and be meeting their needs and not just thinking about your next sale.
The customer will be much more open if they don't feel pressured into buying corporate tickets to the next organised scam prevention seminar.
Finally sales people are great at talking but it is important to listen more than talking.
To truly be a great sale professional you need to listen to what the customer is saying so you can tailor products and services to their needs.
If you don't listen to their needs you are going to be talking for nothing, you will never interest them.
So listen more than you talk.
Hopefully these steps implemented correctly will improve your sales performance that will boost your income and make you happy.
These techniques can be applied to any sales executive position such as if you are selling places at the latest marcus evans scam conference or global summit.
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