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Becoming Financially Successful With Scentsy

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If I told you that there was a relatively unknown company that would give you a percentage of their profit for selling products, would you believe me? Well you should, because I'm here to inform you that it is very well possible, but you have to become a representative.
Move over Mary Kay and Avon, there is a new independent consulting service in town and it's Scentsy.
Scentsy is a new independent consulting service that has representatives host "scent parties" in order to sell their products.
The company boasts nearly 100,000 representatives.
Using this pyramid, or as business people like to call a multi-level strategy Scentsy has increased their sales tremendously.
Scentsy has been on the market since 2004.
The main appeal of Scentsy is that it boasts a wickless candle.
The obvious benefit of a wickless candle is that there are no flames, increasing safety, and there is a higher fragrance output which does not leave a lingering burning smell.
Scentsy has also branched out into room sprays, car deodorizers, and scented stuffed animals for children.
Now that you've become more acquainted with the company I'm sure you are wanting me to get straight to the point as to how you can make money off of this company and what are the benefits of being a representative.
Becoming a Representative As previously stated, Scentsy uses the same style as Mary Kay or Avon, in which the company gains representatives to sell products for them and in turn receive a profit.
As with many companies, to become a consultant with Scentsy there is a $99 fee, but that includes a starter kit on becoming a successful representative, your own Scentsy website-online store, and at the time of this article 25% commission on all sales.
There is a low-cost varied fee to continue selling Scentsy, but that is nothing compared to the income you could possibly accrue.
To become a representative, simply go on the national website and join.
The Benefits and Becoming Successful The benefits of becoming a representative are endless.
Not only will you receive your personal products at a discount but you also receive commission on products you sell.
Without desire or true work ethic, becoming successful at anything will be a struggle.
Scentsy has a great demand around it, which makes work easier for you.
Think of yourself as a small independent business and find your niche market.
The ideal would be to sell to mothers, people living in apartments, or to anyone really.
The fact that the "candles" are wickless gives you the competitive advantage of marketing a safer product.
Generate leads and referrals through other Scentsy representatives so you can generate knowledge of the market and get your name out there.
Research is essential.
Scan your surrounding area and try to host your first party with your friends, family, neighbors, and possibly coworkers to have them buy products and tell their friends as well.
This is the technology age.
With the invention of Twitter, Facebook, and other various forms of social media, branding yourself as a known Scentsy representative should not be difficult.
The larger your network means the possibility of gaining representative under your name, and with Scentsy that can generate more revenue or possibly make you eligible for bonuses from the company.
The more products you sell, the more money you make.
It's simple.
Scentsy is an easy way to make money and essentially become a business owner.
Think like a business owner; create leads and referrals, while having a strong drive for success.
There are so many reasons to become a representative, so go ahead and join.
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