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What Sort of Art Goes in a Dining Room?

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    Abstract Paintings

    • An abstract painting could be a signal selection for the dining room. Abstracts can be dashing, demure, atmospheric or bold. Depending on your other decor, as well as your personal sense of flair, you can find an abstract to fit. In addition, as abstracts are uninhibited by realism, the palette can range across the rainbow, providing ample variety for your color scheme.

    Figurative Work

    • A figurative work, like a portrait, figure study or other human subject, is an intimate piece for a dining room. Perhaps you know a portrait artist or would treasure a portrait of a special friend or family member on the wall to see daily. Figurative works are created in a variety of moods or tones to accommodate any sensibility and, since figurative work is common, you are sure to locate a suitable work. Art fairs and local galleries are good places to look.

    Kinetic Art

    • Kinetic art (mobiles) isn't just for kids. Sophisticated artists like Calder embraced the form. If you have ceiling space, a creative mobile can be a piece that will grab the eye as it gently wafts in the slight air currents of your room. A ceiling fan may make such an idea not viable; otherwise, it could be a distinctive choice and conversation piece. If you have a hard time finding one, you may want to invest in a commission. A sculpture gallery should put you in touch with a reputable artist you can work with.


    • For a large dining room, a sculpture on a pedestal exudes luxury. If you have the space, a pedestal with a small marble or portrait bust is a classy option. Placing the pedestal along a wall and highlighting with a small spotlight works well. Obviously, if your dining room is on the small side, or if there aren't any areas that are not traffic zones, a sculpture on a pedestal may work. In that case, select sculptural wall art that you can hang over the bed or on a bare wall.

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